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Hi to you dear listeners and readers of our sermons. We continue our fellowship in the Word of God. Let’s talk today about how the Lord carries us, and whom we should carry. For the original verse let us take Isa. 46.4: “ And until your old age I will be the same, and until your gray hair I will bear [you]; I created and will carry, support and guard you . “This verse says twice that the Lord carries people. When considering the topic of “wear”, we can highlight two important points:
1 . I am carried or I am wearable and
2 . I carry , I am the one who carries.

In this sermon we will confine ourselves mainly to the first point. At the very beginning of our conversation, I draw your attention to the fact that the purpose of our today’s sermon is not the feeling that we are being carried. It will not be about feelings and not about the fact that it concerns me to a lesser extent, because I am young and dynamic: I myself can carry.

They usually carry small children and when they leave this age, they do not want to be carried. Perhaps this can be said about us. It will also not be about the fact that we can say: “Yes, we can do that too.” But then we will have no benefit from this sermon.

Our engagement in the Word of God today should lead to confidence in faith, and confidence in our lives. Confidence that says: I know that my Lord carries me in all situations of life, and I am in His perfect safety. It is to this confidence that the Lord wants to lead us today.

Consider this topic from three angles or in three areas :

a) First: why should I or we be carried? – the main point,
b) secondly: what did the Lord already carry and what did He promise to carry?
c) third: we will briefly consider several prototypes on this topic.

So why should I be carried?   In Genesis 4:13, Cain, who had just killed his brother, speaks to the living God: ” And Cain said to the Lord: my punishment is greater than it can be borne .”

Here we see the cause or the core of all our problems: we are not able to independently bear responsibility before the Lord for our sins. None of the people are capable of this! There is no such person who could solve this problem before the Lord. Here we need the help of the Lord to bear our sins. Even Cain noticed it.

We read about the second point in connection with sin in Lamentations of Jeremiah 5: 7: ” Our fathers have sinned: they are no longer there, and we are punished for their iniquities . ”

This means that we must bear the weight of the sins of our ancestors. Sinful people can only give birth to sinful children, it cannot be otherwise. The only exception is our Jesus Christ, who was conceived not by the will of a man, but from the Holy Spirit (Heb. 1, 5; 5, 5; Mt 1, 20). Therefore, at birth, we receive a whole bunch of sins (hereditary), which we must carry all our life!

We read about the third point in Mt. 23.4. But here we have a completely different statement that concerns the Pharisees and scribes: “they bind heavy and unbearable burdens and lay them on the shoulders of people, but they themselves do not want to move them with a finger .”

But we must see in these people not only the Pharisees and scribes, but in general people who in any area of life impose burdens on others, demand from them and they are forced to bear these burdens. This is the point at which Scripture says we have to bear heavy burdens .

The fourth point on this issue is invisible forces in the world, which we cannot cope with on our own. We read about them in Luke 22: 31-32: “ And the Lord said: Simon! Simon! behold, Satan asked to sow you like wheat, 32 but I prayed for you that your faith would not fail; and once you have returned, strengthen your brothers. “

This means that we, as children of God, are often in danger of being tempted by the father of lies and falling away from the faith. But in this place the Lord stands up for the redeemed: ” but I …”. The Apostle Peter did not even notice it, but Jesus saw it and grabbed it, his faith will not fail . We can be sure that with you and me Jesus did and does this very often, otherwise we would no longer be here.

The fifth point to our topic is found in Numbers 11:14, where Moses says: ” I alone cannot bear all this people, because they are heavy for me .”

If we follow Jesus, then He gives us tasks and burdens to bear. Not exactly like Moses, but other things. Sometimes it seems to us that they are too heavy for us. But this is exactly what David speaks of in Psalm 69:20: “ Blessed be the Lord every day. God puts a burden on us, but He also saves us. “

What more can we ask for? Martin Luther translates this passage a little differently. He writes: “The Lord places a burden on us, but He also helps us .” It is to the assurance that David speaks of that the Lord wants to lead us so that we may also glorify the Lord.

I think that these five Scriptures are enough to make sure that without Jesus’ help, if He did not carry us with our burdens, nothing would have happened in our life, and would not have been possible. We can easily accept this truth from the Word of God.

And the Holy Spirit encourages every hearer or reader of this sermon to find, for personal pleasure, in the Bible and supplement the list of these points while finalizing this sermon. Thus, each of us must be sure that even in the prime of our life we need the Lord to carry us.

Moving on to the second point of our topic, which reads:

What did the Lord already carry and what did He promise to carry?

In paragraph 1 we began with sins, and we will continue about them in paragraph 2, Isa 53.4: “ But He took our infirmities upon Himself and bore our ills; but we thought [that] He was smitten, punished and humiliated by God . ”

This verse is familiar to all of God’s children. Long before Calvary, looking into the future, the prophet Isaiah says that the Lord will pass on the sins of people on Himself. And we will turn our gaze back and read the message of Scripture from John 19: 5: “ Then Jesus came out wearing a crown of thorns and a purple robe. And Pilate said to them: Behold, Man! “,

and a little later we read in John 19:17: ” And, carrying His cross, He went out to the place called Skull, in Hebrew Golgotha .”

What was the cross of Jesus? Should we see these two cross-hammered wooden beams in it? As a carpenter, He could easily carry them on His shoulders. I think that in this matter Jesus had no big problems. The Psalmist says in Psalm 68: 8: ” For your sake I bear reproach, and they cover my face with dishonor . ”

In this verse, David is talking about the Lord Jesus. And I read these lines from this point of view: in the one carrying “reproach” we must see Jesus. But we can apply these statements without abbreviation to both Jesus and to us. ” For the sake of You I bear reproach …”. Our Lord did it. Never and in no way will Jesus reproach us for this.

We have nothing to worry about and fear about this, since God does not reproach anyone or anything. But this message is one hundred percent concerning us: ” For Your sake I bear reproach, and with dishonor they cover my face .” So the prophet said, looking into the future, and it happened. Or another place, Psalm 87: 16: “ I am miserable and languish since my youth; I bear Thy horrors and faint . ”

This happened, as the Apostle Peter says, when “ He Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree …” (1 Pet 2:24). There He bore your and my horrors, for me and you He endured ridicule, mockery and mockery; your dishonor and mine have covered His face.

But for us today all this has already been fully accomplished, fulfilled, therefore we read in Isa 53.12: “ Therefore, I will give Him a share among the great, and with the mighty he will share the spoil, because I gave His soul to death, and I am numbered among the evildoers. was, while He bore the sin of many and became an intercessor for criminals . ”

It’s done, done! There is not a single sin in this world, and there will not be one that Jesus Christ would not bear on Himself on the cross of Calvary. There will never be a sin in our life that Jesus did not bear. ” He carried on Himself …”.

Let us imprint all this firmly in our memory, for all situations of our future life. However, He not only bore our sins on Himself, but He also made intercession for us before the Father. Therefore, it is said about Jesus in Psalm 125: 6: ” With weeping he who carries the seeds will return (home) with joy, carrying his sheaves .  

The first part of the verse was fulfilled, as the Scripture tells us in John 12:24: “ Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it will bear much fruit . ”

Jesus died like this grain of wheat to bear much fruit. In the face of you, me and all the children of God, we see this fruit today. But about Jesus it is further said: “He will return with joy, bearing his sheaves ” – this is the fruit that we present. And how long does He carry these sheaves?

To make this clear, I draw the attention of the listener and reader to the word that I have inserted in parentheses in Psalm 125: 6. This word is missing in the Russian translation. Therefore, Jesus carries these sheaves until He returns home. No one will delay Him on the way and He will not lose part of these sheaves, as it can happen with us.

How will He return home? With joy! But in the original Bible we read: with delight, with jubilation !! – this is the highest degree of joy. If Jesus in the face of this fruit has such joy, why don’t we rejoice with Him? Why do we still frantically hold on to our worries and fear, while He carries us until we are at home with Him?

Jesus absolutely clearly and unambiguously promised in John 10:28: “ And I give them eternal life, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of my hand ” ,

and in the next verse 29 this promise is confirmed: “ My Father, who gave them to me, is greater than all; and no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand . ”

The Holy Spirit speaks twice about the hands that they carry. The Holy Spirit speaks of no other, less significant hand as the hand of the Creator of the entire universe. What could be more reliable, faithful and secure? We enjoy absolute security throughout our lives as Jesus carries us.

Jesus assures us of this with two expressions: ” no one will kidnap ” and ” no one can kidnap .” In such security we are in His hand. And this circumstance is the basis for being free from worries.

This is how the Lord God constantly dealt with people, this is how He acted in the Old Testament in relation to His people Israel, and this is what He does today. In this regard, let us turn to some of the sayings of the Word of God. Let’s start with the Old Testament. In Ex.19: 4 we read: ” You saw what I did to the Egyptians, and how I carried you [as it were] on eagle’s wings, and brought you to Me.”

These words are spoken by the Lord to His people. This is what He did to Israel, which was not redeemed by the blood of Jesus and does not belong to His Church. How long He bore Israel “ and brought you to Himself ” – the Word additionally tells us. Even if Israel was unfaithful and obstinate, the Lord remained faithful to him and did not abandon him.

Although due to obstinacy and idolatry, the Lord could not lead His people to the promised land and for 40 years led them in the wilderness, He did not abandon them. There were different paths, but the Lord carried His people and will bring them to the final goal according to His promises.

In Deut. 1:31, Moses says to Israel: ” and in this wilderness, where, as you saw, the Lord your God bore you as a man carries his son, all the way that you passed before your coming to this place. ” 

Dear brother and sister, I allow myself to ask you a question: do you have desert times, drought or darkness in your life? Have you been disobedient to Jesus, obstinate and walked your own ways; did he try to carry out his own plans and strive for his own goals?

Perhaps outwardly these were promising ways, but they were not God’s ways. You can be sure that He carried and carries you further even in such situations. These facts from the Lord will not diminish anything, in His carrying He does not become less. We read in this verse about the desert: “The Lord your God carried you … all the way …”. And then the Holy Spirit adds: ” through which you have passed .”

These are our own paths along which we march, have some kind of purpose and intention, no matter how positive or negative. So, the Lord carried His people along all the willful path until they came ” to this place .” All the way in the wilderness, He did not leave him until Israel reached the goal.

In many situations in our lives, Jesus carries and protects us as well. The psalmist speaks about this in Psalm 72: 2: ” And I – my feet almost shook, my feet almost slipped .”

What was this ” barely “, this ” slightly “, which was lacking for his legs to shake, so that he would slip? What prevented, what is Asaph writing about here? That “little” or “little” could not happen, since the Lord carries us and will not allow our feet to slip.

He takes action and prevents us from falling. The same is confirmed by Solomon in Proverbs 5:14: “I almost fell into all evil in the midst of the congregation and society! 

These are very dangerous situations! “I almost fell …”, quite a bit lacked before falling into all evil. But neither Asaph nor Solomon turns this situation to himself personally, but to the One who warned against falling. None of them could do it on their own. And we cannot do this.

Always and everywhere we need Him to carry us. And when we need it, this help is here, even if we often do not notice it at all. This ” hardly ” happens much more often in our lives than we think. We just do not notice this, but the Lord protects us from such falls.

The Lord sees such subtle moments that separate us from the fall and stretches out His hand between us and this evil. In these cases, our Lord says: “No, this is my redeemed one, I will not allow this.”

Although, as we have just seen, He carries us in all situations of life, the fact that He carries us actually goes much further and deeper. The Word of God tells us in Heb. 1: 3: ” This, being the radiance of glory and the image of His hypostasis, and holding all by the word of His power, having performed the cleansing of our sins with Himself, sat down on the right hand of the throne of majesty on high .”

This is Jesus, this is your and my Savior, Who ” brings everything with the word of His power .” Nothing happens on this earth without Him. This verse expands our gaze, the Lord bears everything on this earth and in the entire universe. But His love for His creation goes much deeper than we read in this verse.

To do this, let’s look in the book of Job 34,13-15: “ Who gave the land to Him for power? Who put Him over the universe? If He turned His heart to Himself and took to Himself her spirit and her breath, all flesh would suddenly perish, and man would return to dust . ”

Tell me honestly, dear listener or reader, have you paid attention to this Scripture message before? If not, then firmly and forever also seal this message of the Holy Spirit in your memory, in order to walk before our loving and merciful Lord in fear of God and holy trembling, in order to thank and glorify Him in dignity.

He carries all the planets and stars in the entire universe completely safely. He has determined the path of motion for all the stars, planets, the sun, the moon and our inhabited planet, and not one of the billions of physical bodies moving in the universe will go astray. Jesus holds everything securely in His hand.

Shouldn’t you and I completely trust the One who can and in His faithfulness carries us in all situations? Therefore, in any case, no one and nothing will not allow us to shake, as the apostle Paul writes 2 Thessalonians 2.2: ” not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ “.

Our Lord holds us tightly and carries us in His hand: ” holding everything with the word of His power .” This message contains or fills all your and my life, in all positions and situations, in all difficulties and needs, in all dark times and in all our refusals (when we do not cope with our responsibilities).

He carries us! It’s the Word of God that speaks and it will never change. So, we come to the third point of our topic, in which we will consider several types of our Lord, how He carries us.

But first of all, I will make a small insert on types. Many children of God have problems with these types. To better understand the relationships in the Word of God, we often use these types in our sermons. On this occasion, from the audience you can often hear: “hmm, I would not have thought of this; I have never seen such a relationship. ”

Perhaps some people think: “This is all for those who preach from the pulpit, or for those who do a lot of Bible study; maybe some of them were forced to do it. ” And since the use of prototypes for many is an unusual thing, they are left alone, do not deal with them.

Such readers are content with simple Scriptures of our faithful Lord. This is also normal and good. But I will try to give a small example and, based on it, explain how, with the help of types, we look at the message of the Holy Spirit in this segment of the Bible.

Consider some of the messages about the high priest Aaron in the Old Testament. According to the Lord’s injunction, he had to wear two stones on his shoulders, on which the names of 12 tribes of Israel were engraved: 6 of them on one and 6 on the other. We read about this in Exodus 28,12: “ And put these two stones on the ephod’s amps: [these are] stones for the memory of the children of Israel; and Aaron will bear their names before the Lord on both his shoulders for remembrance. “

“ For the memory of the Lord, ” Aaron was to bear the names of the 12 tribes of Israel on the shoulders. When wearing the names of these 12 tribes, the essence was not so much in the tribes themselves, but in the Lord: ” before the Lord ” they should be worn. So, on two onyx stones, the high priest Aaron in the Old Testament had to bear the names of the 12 tribes of Israel on his shoulders.

In the New Testament, our true High Priest Jesus Christ constantly bears “ for memory ” before the heavenly Father not the names of the sons of Israel, but your and my name! Thus, Jesus Christ, our High Priest and Intercessor, constantly bears the names of all the children of God, carries us for a constant reminder to the Heavenly Father.

This applies to all the saved who are the property of Jesus. Not one of them will fall from His shoulders: each and every one is engraved on these stones set in gold (Ex 28.11). Gold symbolizes the glory of God, so that we see ourselves in eternity in the glory of God.

So much the Lord Jesus and our heavenly Father values everyone who is saved. We see this symbolically in these two onyx stones set in gold. This is how the Lord Jesus carries you for permanent memory before God for the sake of your value.

But that is not all. We turn to v. 15, where we are talking about the vessel’s confidant, which Aaron was to wear on his chest. This confidant was made of the same material as the ephod, but it was necessary to fix not two, but 12 of the most valuable stones known in nature in a gold setting: four rows of three stones each. For each tribe, we find our precious stone on Aaron’s chest.

Each of these 12 stones had its own beauty, value, appearance and color. Aaron wore all the diversity of the value of the sons of Israel on his chest. And in Exodus 28, 29 we read: ” And Aaron will bear the names of the children of Israel on the breastplate with judgment at his heart, when he enters the sanctuary, for constant remembrance before the Lord .”

The knee names on the confidant are on Aaron’s heart. Today we no longer have such a hand-made confidant on the chest of the Lord Jesus, but we have a direct connection with His heart, where He carries us. In this type we see how precious the children of God are in His eyes: He constantly carries us in His heart.

There is no place for sentimentality, but according to the whole reality of God’s Word, all the children of God have taken their place in His heart. For what? For permanent memory before the living God! For a lasting memory (reminder) of you to God. Perhaps God is forgetful? Not! We are not talking about His forgetfulness. He has no problem in this matter.

But He wants us to be constantly carried before His eyes. Do we notice how God prepared all this, instituted; how did you do it? Constantly, day and night, Jesus carries you on His heart before the eyes of the Heavenly Father. He constantly and invariably wants to see us with His eyes in His glory. Each of us in his own way, as we see in the example of 12 valuable stones.

And what will happen if you are completely not following Jesus as He expects of you, if your walk does not please Jesus? What will happen then? Will you try to hide then? Not. What happens if you go astray from God’s path and become entangled in thorns and thorny bushes?

Allow, then, to find yourself a Good Shepherd, Who follows every lost sheep. Give Him the opportunity to help you and carry you back to safety. It is said about Him in Luke 15.5: ” But when he finds, he will take her on his shoulders with joy .”

This is the only way you can return and have fellowship with the Lord and the rest of Jesus’ sheep. You should not go back in your own way. You will never find the way back to Jesus alone. At best, we can only find our way from Jesus. Let the One who does it with joy and without reproach carry you.

In conclusion, let us generalize the above .

In paragraph 1 we saw that every person needs to be borne: in relation to his own and other sins, in order to have protection from the enemy, in order to receive help to carry the burdens imposed by the Lord.

In point 2, we noted that Jesus bore and continues to bear our sins. And after our repentance, He bears us as His fruit until He returns home. He will not lose one of the saved on the way. He carries us constantly, although we do not notice it, while He protects us. But Jesus carries not only us, but the entire universe ” with the word of His power .”

In paragraph 3, in the types of the Old Testament, we noted how the Lord Jesus carries us today in the sanctuary before the eyes of the Father in heaven. God has never tired of looking at you.

Day after day He wants to see our value, so the Lord Jesus constantly carries us on His shoulders and on His heart before the eyes of the Heavenly Father. Every child of God possesses this confidence and security.

May our Lord Jesus use the many sayings of the Word so that we realize that He is constantly carrying us. Didn’t feel, but knew! The Word of God gives us confidence, for It is the reality It brings before our eyes.

The Lord is faithful to His promises: He will carry us, as He promised to the children of Israel in Isaiah 46.4: “ And until your old age I will be the same, and until your gray hair I will bear [you]; I created and will carry, support and guard you . ”   Amen.

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