Tom Meighan leaves Kasabian over domestic violence charges

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On July 06, it became known that Tom Meighan had left Kasabian, which was a blow to fans. 23 years in the group, the position of the frontman on a par with Sergio Pizzorno, hopes for a new album – everything collapsed. The group released a statement in which they said that the decision was mutual, and now Tom needs to “direct all his efforts to restore normal life.”

Tom Meighan leaves Kasabian over domestic violence charges

Fans immediately began to wonder what happened, why did Tom leave with such strange and vague wording? Last year after the release of Pizzorno’s album The SLP, the band and Tom Meighan himself admitted that Kasabian is already working on a new album. And now, apparently, the departure of the frontman will greatly change the group’s plans. It is difficult to imagine a “cash” without Meighan, it is difficult to imagine a new album without him. Will the band become a copy of The SLP? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we can say that the decision to end the joint work of Kasabian and Meighan was necessary. On July 7, it turned out that Tom Meighan was accused of domestic violence. The incident occurred on April 09, 2020. The frontman reportedly attacked and beat Vicky’s ex-fiancee Ager that day. It was caught on security cameras, and the footage quickly spread across the Internet. The crime was reported to the police by a child observing the incident. It is also known that the musician smelled of alcohol. Now Meighan must undergo a rehabilitation course and a year and a half under supervision, pay medical bills and legal costs and work 200 hours of community service.

After the verdict was made public, the group released another statement:

“Nobody in the group wanted this to happen. We’ve all worked hard for the past twenty-three years and together made big plans for the future. We are completely heartbroken.

But we had no choice but to ask Tom to leave the group. We cannot justify him for the attack. Domestic violence and any kind of violence are absolutely unacceptable. Once we learned about the charges against Tom, we, as a group, decided we could no longer work with him. Unfortunately, we had to withhold this information until he was found guilty in court.

We believed that Tom would tell himself what he did, but he chose not to do it, misleading many fans.

Ultimately, no matter how much Tom hurts us all, we are not the victim. Domestic violence is something that can never be justified. ”

And what is left for us now? Revel in The SLP? Or listen to old tapes knowing that this person is a criminal? What should be our common moral guideline? Is it ethical now to listen to old Kasabian records? Everyone will decide for himself. But do not forget the fact that talent can be objectively assessed only without being tied to a person and her behavior.

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