Top 10 Protein Makers

1 BSN World leader. The tastiest protein powders
2 Optimum Nutrition Most popular protein brand. Many awards
3 Dymatize The most reliable sports nutrition supplier
4 Ultimate Nutrition Products with perfect composition. No empty impurities
5 SynTrax Transparent composition. Close control of raw materials
6 Maxler Best value for money
7 VPLab ISO, USP and GMP certification. Vegan assortment
8 Myprotein Best delivery to 50 countries. WADA Safety Certification
9 Mutant Multi-brand manufacturer. affiliate program
10 RLine The best prices. Domestic brand

Contrary to popular belief, protein is a product of natural origin, absolutely physiologically perceived by the human body. It does not cause addiction, does not affect potency, does not make girls masculine, etc.

For some people, a protein supplement, like any food, can cause an allergic reaction or digestive upset, others are faced with the low quality of protein and swear it at all when- or accept.

If you choose among the products of reputable companies, do not pursue cheapness and, along the way, with the intake of sports food, follow an adequate diet, you can get an excellent result without any risks: beautiful body relief, good health and self-confidence. Our rating includes manufacturers of protein supplements that have proven themselves only from the best side.

TOP 10 best protein producers

10. RLine

The firm comes from St. Petersburg, the first products of which were developed with the participation of the All-Russian Research Institute of the Fat Industry. In comparison with other Russian manufacturers, RLine has the largest assortment (about 300 items), while overseas it benefits from the most comfortable pricing policy: a 1 kg package of protein costs about 900 rubles. against 2 3 thousand rubles. from other manufacturers.

The company is positioned as a domestic one, but the raw materials are purchased from abroad. She explains this by the fact that it is impossible to find high-quality concentrates in Russia.

For example, whey powders for protein production are supplied by the worldwide cooperative Arla Foods, which consists of 127,000 dairy farms. Thus, thanks to RLine, users can purchase a high-quality and inexpensive product at the same time. According to reviews, it also mixes well, is quite tasty, is well tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract and does not get dusty when dosing.

9. Mutant

The Canadian firm Fit Foods owns several well-known brands of sports nutrition: Mutant, PVL Essentials, 2 Good, Whey Gourmet, etc. Its products are used by ordinary athletes from 70 countries of the world, as well as famous bodybuilders – Johnny Jackson, Dusty Hanshaw, Ron Partlow.

By their own admission, the heap of trophies and awards would never have been so huge if not for the products of “Mutant”.

In addition to high-quality protein, this brand also produces clothing, equipment, and other, but the same manufacturer, food for healthy lifestyles. Thus, the range covers the needs of any person.

What else is interesting for the company is the program of joint earnings. She offers to become part of the brand and earn the most competitive commissions. The participants (here they are called the squad of mutants) even have the chance to go at the expense of the company to major fitness events like the Arnold Classic.

8. Myprotein

The well-known European manufacturer of sports nutrition, in addition to the quality of the products, also took care of the convenience of its delivery to the end consumer. From 2010 to 2020, it launched 15 Internet sites, which provide fast and convenient delivery to any of the 50 countries around the world.

It makes sense to order for the whole family, fortunately, the company’s assortment is extremely extensive and includes more than 2000 items, and most of them are produced by Myprotein.

The fact that the company’s protein dissolves well and is quite pleasant to drink can be found in the reviews.

Its safety is indicated by the presence of a class A certificate from the British Retail Consortium, as well as participation in the HFL Sports Science program, according to which products are tested for the presence of doping and harmful components within the framework of the requirements of the WADA Anti-Doping Agency.

7. VPLab

One of the important criteria for choosing a quality protein is the availability of certificates for compliance with safety requirements. VPLab has three of them: ISO, USP and GMP. The implementation of the ISO system ensures that all stages of production are properly controlled. USP compliance validates product quality, safety and efficacy. GMP certification is usually preceded by rigorous testing of all stages of production. The fact that the company has three certificates from such reputable organizations means that its products are impeccable.

And the reviews say the same thing. The manufacturer’s proteins are good, and there is a fairly decent range of them: there is a multicomponent isolate, casein, and whey hydrolyzate.

The company did not forget about the people who adhere to the principles of vegetarianism.

Especially for them, she created Vegan Protein from an all-vegetable raw material – pea isolate. It is absorbed fully, and all due to the fact that the recipe includes digestive enzymes, as well as the natural probiotic inulin.

6. Maxler

The company was founded by a family of successful Belarusian athletes who, due to their experience, understood that there are very few sports supplements on the market that are both high-quality and affordable.

Using German raw materials from leading manufacturers and working closely with athletes from all over the world, they managed to create a line of products that satisfy both beginners and professional bodybuilders in all respects.

Today, the brand is well recognized in 20 countries, partnering with leading fitness events including Fibo Power EXPO and Mr. Olympia.

Maxler’s most popular protein is 100% Golden Whey. The powder is a whey mixture of concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate, additionally enriched with BCAA, which provides an optimal content of valuable proteins (26 g), fat (1.5 g) and carbohydrates (4 g). Another popular product is Ultra Whey with DigeZyme multi-enzyme complex, which facilitates the digestion and absorption of proteins.

5. SynTrax

The American company SI03 manufactures a whole line of SynTrax products and positions them as the best in taste and aroma, and also claims that they have no analogues in recipe.

The company constantly conducts its own research and protects its developments with patent applications.

What cannot be taken away from a company is its honesty towards its customers. Each product has a detailed description of what it consists of, and the manufacturer does not hide a single ingredient in order to put it on the market in the best possible light.

So, the complex protein Matrix, in addition to whey, milk and egg proteins, also contains gluten. This is also protein, but cheaper.

Many manufacturers include it, but are often silent about it. In the case of Matrix, the consumer can soberly weigh all its advantages and disadvantages even before buying. According to reviews, this is a perfectly working product at an affordable price, easily soluble and pleasant to take with milk.

4. Ultimate Nutrition

Ultimate Nutrition rose to fame when it released the world’s first ready-to-eat whey protein.

The idea to drink a protein shake just before a workout belonged to the founder of the company, Viktor Rubino, who, in addition to his favorite hobby of bodybuilding, was professionally engaged in biochemistry.

Its newer development is the famous Prostar 100%, which is considered identical in composition to Optimum Nutrition, and much nicer in price.

What else favorably distinguishes this particular manufacturer is the optimal concentration of nutrients. With a 30 g serving, the consumer gets 25 g of protein, 2 g of carbohydrates and 1 g of fat.

He also does not sin by adding replaceable acids, which are found in excess in ordinary food, but in order to reduce the cost, they can be added to the main composition. The reviews indicate that “prot” is very effective, it is stirred with a whisk perfectly, it is easy to drink and digest.

3. Dymatize

The young manufacturer, who announced itself in 1994, managed to adequately establish itself in the sports nutrition market, and in the most intense – the American one.

Its products are promoted among participants in student, sports and professional Olympiads, and the brand itself is part of the government program to support students of the US naval schools.

Professional footballers, baseball players, hockey players know about Dymatize firsthand. The ability to test additives in real conditions allows developers to intensively improve formulations and technologies.

Another advantage of the company is its own powerful production area of ​​18,000 sq. m. Independent production of proteins, gainers, and other pre- and post-workout complexes makes it possible to fully control the quality of products. It is no coincidence that the best-selling protein powder from Dymatize ISO-100 has been in the TOP 5 for several years according to

2. Optimum Nutrition

The legendary manufacturer of whey protein No. 1 in the world deals exclusively with sports nutrition, has a huge range, but the flagship product has always been and remains Gold Standard 100% Whey.

Thanks to its exceptional quality, the company has won the title of “Brand of the Year”, “Best Protein of the Year” and many others for several years in a row.

The competition was hosted by a powerful American portal for bodybuilders, whose opinion is trusted by millions of active people around the world.

Despite the fact that the value of the “Gold Standard” has grown over time, there is still a great demand for it.

Its advantages are described in detail in the reviews: a good milk composition with BCAA, no side effects typical for taking whey powders, especially pleasant tastes – chocolate and strawberry.

There are also disadvantages – high cost, fast consumption with increased consumption, lack of protective membranes in some packages.

1. BSN

The secret of the company’s success lies in the decoding of the acronym BSN: Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition.

She was the first to combine the latest developments in bioengineering, pharmacology and dietetics in the production of a sports food. As a result, evolutionary products have appeared on the market for body shaping, athletic performance and well-being.

In a short time – from 2001 to 2011 – the brand became a mega-success, and it was bought by the international concert Glanbia, a supplier of food raw materials for hundreds of companies around the world.

In the BSN range, it is worth highlighting the Syntha-6 complex protein with the effect of slow energy release.

In terms of satiety, it can be compared to a gainer, however, the protein and carbohydrate content is corresponding: 22 and 15 g.

If you need pure protein, you should pay attention to the alternative products Isolate and Edge.

They are especially praised for their trouble-free digestibility, as well as for their taste – according to reviews, the chemical aftertaste is present, but tolerable, and the most delicious cocktail is made with “strawberries”.


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