Top Jobs in Canada And How to Apply 2022

Employers in Canada are looking for foreign nationals to join their workforce in the new year as job openings are plentiful. If you didn’t have a chance to apply in 2021, here’s your chance. 2022 is supposed to be the year of the big cat, so why not take the chance? These activities can be the key to making your life easier.

Best Jobs in Canada for 2022

Class Average annual salary NOC codes
Driver $44,836 7511, 7521, 7452, 7513
receptionist $35,304. 1414
Electrical Engineer $91,832 2133
Chef $40,088 6321
Cash register $22,549 – $28,687 6611
Physical Therapy Assistant $78,000 3142
Accountant $89,100 0111, 1111
Registered nurse $77,603 3012
Shop assistant $52,277 6411
Financial Consultant $108,137 0111, 1114
Pharmacist $130,600 3131
Cloud Architect $120,000 2171
Psychologists $97,451 – $130,932 4151
Administrative Assistants $45,927 1241
Merchandiser $48,610 6222
Welder $73,504–$102,424 7327
Handyman $47,678 7611
Veterinarians (veterinarians) $95,804 3114
Human resources managers (HR) $89,003 112
Web developer $69,305 2175

Job in Canada

How to apply for a work permit

Isn’t working and living in Canada a dream come true? Getting a work permit is the easiest way to do this. Here are some simple procedures for obtaining a work visa.

1. What type of work visa is right for you?

Knowing whether you need an open work visa or a work visa for a specific employer is one of the most important aspects of applying for a work permit in Canada. The Open Work Permit is not employer-specific and does not require a labor market impact assessment (LMIA). An employee will be able to work in accordance with certain criteria specified in the visa, provided that he has a work permit from a specific employer.

Here are some programs that can help you get an open work visa:

Atlantic Pilot Program Spouse Permit

You will be eligible for an open work permit if you are married to a candidate for the Atlantic Pilot Program.

PGWP (postgraduate work permit)

Students who have attended a specialized educational institution (DLI) in Canada are eligible to apply for an open work visa.

Here are some programs that can help you get a work permit for a particular employer.

agricultural flow

Your employer is responsible for paying for your travel to and from Canada. This track will allow you to work up to 24 months in another country. It provides a variety of services including housing, transportation, and health insurance.

GTS (Global Talent Stream)

The Government of Canada created this program to allow highly skilled foreign workers to join the Canadian workforce. You can learn more about how to find a job in Canada.

2. Are you eligible to immigrate to Canada?

Before you can apply for a Canadian visa, you must first meet certain requirements.

  1. You must provide proof that you will leave Canada when your visa expires.
  2. Proof of availability of funds
  3. Impeccable criminal record
  4. Pass a medical examination
  5. Any other required documentation

How to Apply for a Canada Work Visa

You can learn more about how to get accredited to work in Canada. Your country of origin will dictate which forms you need to complete. You can apply and submit these forms online through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) after completing them.

Canada Work Permit FAQs – Top Jobs in Canada

#1 Will your illness affect your ability to get a work permit, whether or not you have a job offer?

It depends on the type of violation. This may affect their use if considered to be a burden on the Canadian health care system.

#2 Will you always be denied entry to a country, even if you have a job offer, if you have a criminal record?

If the crime is a misdemeanor, it is not considered a major crime. From a Canadian perspective, a person would be considered redeemed five years after serving their sentence.

#3 Will having a student permit and dropping out of your studies hinder your ability to qualify for a work permit in the long run?

If a student drops out of school with a study permit, this means they are not meeting the conditions of their visa and may be deported. You might want to get an overview of jobs for immigrants in Canada.

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