Tragedy: Three women are trampled to death when criminals rob the Abuja palliative warehouse

Tragedy: Three women are trampled to death when criminals rob the Abuja palliative warehouse

As the looting of COVID-19 palliatives continues across the country, three women are suspected of being killed while looting a palliative warehouse in Guagwalada in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Abuja.

Some other people who were suffocating were helped out of the building and helped with a sachet with water.

Some of the thugs climbed over the fences of neighboring complexes near the WAEC office, while others made their way to the back of the Fidelity Bank premises.

The roofs of the warehouse were broken by bandits to get into the hall.

Personnel from the Nigerian Civil Protection and Security Corps, the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Army Guards Brigade, who arrived early on the scene and blocked the roads with their vehicles, were shocked and watched as people were carried away with palliatives from COVID-19.

The trouble began at about 8.43 am, when the youth gathered in the area leading to the warehouse, which was built over five months by the Guagwalada regional council.

As they gathered in the hundreds, screaming and expressing anger over the suffering in the country, they were joined by motorcyclists who came with tales of looting and raids from other parts of the country.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the security personnel could no longer hold back the crowd, mainly young men and women, who forced their way into the warehouse, broke down the doors and part of the wall and began to loot all the items inside. building interior.

Young people from the outskirts of Angwa Dodo, Wazobia Parks, the Dump Garage, the Pass and the surrounding Gwagwalada Markets gathered and joined the huge crowd to help themselves loot palliatives.

They heard them say, “This is our money, these people are angry because they hide these products and refuse to share them.”

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