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President Trump is reportedly in possession of Hunter’s hard drive and is preparing to release it to the public.


  1. This is how China said they would take down America from the inside out and they have done a good job so far, this is there way of controlling people,they are controlling more than people know or could imagine! Just saying use common sense, no way did Joe Biden miraculously get 100,000’s of votes at the end to pass Trump.They had this planned b4 Trump was president he got in their way slowed them down, to let the people know and see what is going on! If the Chinese has control (of the military ) we the people are screwed forsure! WHY do you think Biden is trying to take our guns and saying the second amendment is not absolutel, so China can get full control of the people and america! It’s bad bc their will never be another president for the people like Trump was! Its too deep to root out.

  2. I am so disgusted by our government since JOE BLOW took office. Notice I said “took” when I should have said “slithered into” because he damned sure was not fairly elected. He’s a Chinese operative, as is OOohbahhma. The horrifying thing is that our own FBI had all of this on video, and ignored it. How does America go along with this kind of corruption?????? And, NOW, the FBI is seeking revenge for being called out and have started removing any employee who’s considered “Conservative.”

    • DeFund The FBI
      ARREST and Encarcerate The Entire United States Congress

      Their Evil Needs to be Destroyed
      With their Foreign Friends …
      In Low Places

  3. I saw this in Bidens policies a while ago where it seems what these policies do seem to be a mirror image of Chinas influence on this Country.

  4. i worked for a man that knew a lot of these people he said most are like this by choice he said that they have bought and did everything they ever wanted to do so what is left whats left is breaking the law then after flonting it in public because the powers that be are just the same so no punishment they have nothing to fear and if we break these people out of our government we can clean them and china at the same time if we can close the border ask yourself why would a setting pres. leave the country wide open to attack from the whole world

  5. No. I opened up duckduckgo sight and saw him in action. I saw children taped up to boxes with number’s on them. There were photos of him with children. I threw up. Puked my guts out. I shouldn’t of not opened this!

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