Twin bomb explosions hit Kampala, Uganda in terrorist attack (Video)

On Tuesday, two blasts shook the Ugandan capital’s center within 30 minutes of each other, according to police and a reporter at the scene of one of the blasts.

One explosion went off near the central police station and another near the Parliament.

The cause of the explosions was not immediately clear and no group claimed responsibility.

The first explosion occurred around 10 am local time on Kampala’s Buganda Road, according to the reporter on the scene.

Ugandan Minister of State Kabbyanga Godfrey Baluku Kiime tweeted about the blast, saying: “There was a bomb explosion at the headquarters of [the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and National Guidance]… We are all safe. Some colleagues were injured by flying glass and debris ”.

Police and army personnel blocked the roads around the site of the explosion and several ambulances were deployed.

The images on social media showed several people lying on the street near the entrance to the Central Police Station and the Kampala High Court, although there is currently no clarity on the number of deaths or injuries.

At Parliamentary Avenue, where the second explosion occurred, all streets were cordoned off by security, with the evacuation of lawmakers and parliamentary staff.

Last month, an explosion in Kampala killed at least one person and injured several others. Reuters reported that the Islamic State had claimed responsibility for the explosion.

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