Two police officers, a whistleblower and five looters killed in ongoing unrest

Posted by on Oct 23, 2020, Under: News

Two police officers, a whistleblower and five looters killed in ongoing unrest

In Lagos Ikotun was in violent disorder after several people were killed in the area.

Pandemonium erupted Thursday in Ikotun, in the Alimosho district of Lagos state, according to Vanguard, following the killing of about five thugs killed by the Mopol mobile police after they attacked a popular supermarket and looted various items in the process.

Earlier on Idimu-Ikotun Street, in the development area of ​​the Egbe-Idimu Alimosho Local Council, LCDA, a Mopol employee and another man believed to be a police informant were allegedly killed by thugs.

According to eyewitness Mr. Ayo Akinwale, “At about 2:00 pm, several criminals who invaded the Ikotun Police Station but did not find the police on the ground went to a nearby supermarket called Twins Faja and looted several people. items such as computers, household items, wristwatches, food, among other expensive items.

“While the looters were operating, a detachment of mobile police officers who arrived at the scene after the distress signal began to shoot the looters, killing at least five people, and many others were detained with various gunshot wounds.

“The bodies and those arrested were subsequently taken away in police vans in an unknown direction.”

When Vanguard visited the crime scene, the ground was littered with broken glass and other stolen items that could not be collected.

It was also established that the mob had previously lynched Mopol as he walked down the street in the Ikotun College area, while another unidentified man, allegedly a police informant, was beaten to death in the presence of his young daughter while walking.

“Some of the thugs who recognized him as a police informant raised the alarm before others attacked and beat him to death in the presence of his daughter for about 7 years.

“The body of the deceased was later found by the Mopols who were patrolling the area,” Akinwale said.

During curfews and after serious accidents, the entire area looked like a ghost town as the street was completely deserted and several mopols in their vans were patrolling the area during this report at 6:30 pm.