Uncertainty in Booney’s team, NEC meeting

Uncertainty in Booney’s team, NEC meeting

There are indications that the National Interim Committee and Extraordinary Meeting Planning Committee (NCECPC) of the All-Progressive Congress (APC), led by Mai Mala Buni, may ultimately lack a mandate.

An emergency meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) is scheduled for Tuesday, which is expected to focus on the issue of mandate renewal.

The current uncertainty about Booney’s fate, according to The Nation, may be related to growing concerns over a lawsuit brought against the custodian’s leadership by former National Vice President, South-South head Hillard Etta and several other members of the disbanded National Labor Committee (NWC ) the party.

Party sources said there were concerns about the possible outcome of the dispute and its likely implications for the interim national leadership in its current composition.

Etta and others want the court to dismiss Booney’s committee for alleged violations of the APC Constitution and the 1999 Constitution.

Sources close to the group told The Nation that the decision to go to court was prompted by concerns that Booney and his supporters may have plans to take over the party before the 2023 general election, contrary to the terms of its operations.

The lawsuit is said to have come as a huge shock to NCECPC and its founders.

The source said: “This comes at a time when the party appears to be making progress in its efforts to reconcile warring groups and unite the party, given the electoral agreement that APC should give a substantial NWC, the Etta et al lawsuit launched a turnkey program for those who work hard to get an extension for the Buni team.

“The main problem in the party now is that a court case can return the APC to the dark days of multiple leadership.

“If the court hears the prayers requested by the parties, a serious leadership crisis will hit the party and it may not be easy to resolve.

“Certainly not many people expected this, and it did create new alarm in the party ahead of the NEC meeting on Tuesday. There are concerns about the continued stay of the overseer committee.

“Do not forget that the parties raised questions about the composition of the guardianship commission.

“It’s hard to predict what the outcome will be, but there are fears that if things go differently, a serious leadership crisis could shake the party.

“Obviously, as we speak, we are working hard to persuade the trial to suspend the case in accordance with directives from both President Muhammad Bukhari and the party.”

The nation has gathered that despite appeals and revelations from many stakeholders throughout the week, Etta and her group are reluctant to back down as they insist that a committee led by Booney should not be allowed to preside over the convention. parties to avoid a new leadership crisis in the future.

According to reliable sources, it may not be possible to convince applicants to return to their activities in search of legal suspension.

“It is true that the litigants are under pressure to close the case, but little has been done in this regard.

“Etta and her people seem to be very determined to bring the case to trial. And their argument that Governor Buni and some other members of his committee should not hold party positions raises concerns within the party. So they pray to be returned to the office again.

“If the court recognizes any of them, APC will return to the era of multiple leadership.

“Some are now saying that in order to avoid this, the party must elect high-ranking officials as soon as possible.

“The idea is that with elected officials it would be easier to convince the parties to slow down or win the case for technical reasons.

“Such considerations now threaten the initial plans to extend the custody committee’s mandate,” the source said.

The Nation’s findings also suggest the possibility of postponing the NEC meeting if the promoters of Booney’s team fail to secure sufficient support for their proposal by Tuesday.

“Many of our leaders still believe that the trusteeship committee should have more time to join the party and grow its fortune through programs such as enrollment.

“They are still struggling to get sufficient support for their plan by Tuesday.”

Source: – The Nation

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