Unidentified gunmen kidnap President Mietti Allah in Kogi

Unidentified gunmen kidnap President Mietti Allah in Kogi

The president of the Mietti Allah Livestock Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) in Kogi State, Vakili Damina, was kidnapped by strangers.

MACBAN Secretary of State Adam Aboubakar told reporters in Lokoja on Tuesday that Mr. Damina was abducted on April 30 by armed men in military camouflage.

According to him, witnesses reported that the abductors, who were about eight, arrived in a white bus around noon around noon to “forcibly” take the president away from his home in Chikara village, the local government of Kogi.

Mr. Abubakar said that about an hour later, he was informed of the incident by Mr. Damina’s younger brother, who claimed to have witnessed the incident.

The secretary said he immediately called the missing president, but he called.

He said that Mr. Damina’s number was disconnected when he repeated the call about an hour later.

“Since then, his lines have been inaccessible, and all attempts to find out where he is have been unsuccessful,” he said.

Mr. Abubakar said he immediately briefed the State Police Commissioner for Development, adding that the state government was also briefed through Governor Jerry Omodar’s Special Security Advisor.

The secretary said that he and some members of the association visited the Nigerian police headquarters in Abuja to see if Mr. Damina was in custody, but said no.

He also said that the MACBAN-created research group had visited other sites to no avail, including the massacres in and around Abuja.

State Police Commissioner Ede Ayuba, when contacted, said the police had not yet located the president.

The Commissioner said that he was immediately informed of the incident, called Mr. Damina’s phone separately, but received no response.

Mr. Ayuba said that attempts to obtain detailed information on the incident from the police unit in charge of the area where the incident occurred were unsuccessful because he was not officially informed of the incident.

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