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Unskilled work in Canada for foreigners: Are you looking for an exciting career for unskilled work in Canada for foreign workers? If yes, then relax, in this post you will have access to see multiple job postings, jobs and career opportunities for unskilled workers in Canada as foreigners. This position will help most Indian, Nigerian, Philippine and Indonesian immigrants who wish to apply for unskilled jobs in Canada.

According to recruitment experts, Canada is experiencing a massive job shortage. Although most of these are skilled positions, there are a large number of vacancies in some unskilled areas, such as 38,000 jobs in construction, 45,900 jobs in hospitality, over 50,000 jobs in retail, and thousands of jobs in driving, such as a truck driver. and taxi driver jobs in Canada.

The urgency of unskilled labor in Canada for foreigners forced the Canadian government to offer jobs in Canada for unskilled workers. The best part is that the average wage for unskilled workers is so excellent that the minimum wage at the average wage is over $20,000 a year.

The Government of Canada plans to hire more than a million unskilled immigrants in Canada for their vacant positions. These jobs are the best opportunities for you to apply because they don’t recruit locals.

As an unskilled/semi-skilled worker, your best bet would be to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program because Express Entry Canada works with the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Occupational Program and the Canadian Class of Experience, which require a certain level of qualification. List of Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

In this article, we will look at available jobs in Canada for unskilled workers and how to immigrate to Canada in 2021 with the possibility of obtaining a visa for unskilled workers.

Unskilled job vacancies are very fruitful for new immigrants who are looking for work in canada for foreigners. Unskilled job vacancies in Canada are skyrocketing these days. Several agricultural and manufacturing companies are recruiting unskilled labor in Canada. The most popular and attractive for immigrants is unskilled work in a factory.

So, only representative positions are listed below. There are several recruitment agencies in Canada who provide good advice for foreign job seekers as unskilled workers. Here is the job listing for unskilled jobs in Canada for 2022.

How to get an unskilled job in Canada for foreigners?

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you can simply take a job with any company that employs unskilled workers. If you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident, your only option is to apply to immigrate to Canada as a foreign worker. You must go through the Canadian Unskilled Work Visa process, and the immigration process can take up to five years.

During this period, you will need to complete all procedures, requirements, and accumulate enough points to be eligible. You will also be required to show that you have at least a minimum level of financial standing by providing a bank statement. You would have a very minimal chance of getting a work permit visa in Canada for some unskilled work.

In the case of a company in Canada that wants to hire foreign workers on a work permit, they must prove that they have used all available options to find a Canadian for an unskilled job. They must also prove that there are a limited number of unskilled workers in Canada who are qualified candidates to fill the vacancy.

Moving to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Another advantageous offer for unskilled and semi-skilled workers seeking employment in Canada is the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

This program allows foreign workers to work and live in Canada on a temporary basis, usually for 2 years. During this period, immigrants may also apply for a new work permit or an extension of existing work permits. However, the process depends on the employers and the job offer that the workers have received. To be eligible for this program, you must:

    • Write a letter with a job offer you received from a Canadian employer.
    • Have an approved labor market impact assessment (LMIA).
    • Reassure the immigration officer that you are temporarily in Canada and will leave the country as soon as your employment contract expires.
  • Provide all necessary documents that meet the requirements of the vacancy. These documents can be your previous work experience, special training (maximum 2 years), and academic requirements (usually a high school diploma).
  • You must not have a criminal record
  • You must be in good health.
  • Make sure all documents are in English or French.
  • Prove that you do not pose a threat to the security of the country.
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds to live in Canada.

Your employer will be responsible for the following:

  • Applying for an LMIA
  • Air ticket payment (expenses for arrival and return)
  • Assistance in finding suitable and affordable housing
  • Provision of temporary health insurance
  • Enrollment under a provincial workplace safety insurance plan

Semi-skilled jobs in Canada

Food and Beverage Industry Hotel and hospitality business (hotel business) Long haul transportation industry food industry Industry
– Food and Beverage Worker
– Bakery production worker
– Cleaner for food and beverage production equipment
– Industrial butchers and meat grinders
– Poultry workers
– Food and drink servers
– Service staff
– Front Desk Agent
– truck driver – Food and drink servers
– Food counter attendants
– Kitchen helpers
– sender and receiver
– Production clerks

Unskilled work offered in Canada for foreigners

Canada hopes to host one million foreigners by 2022 (401,000 in 2021 alone), and you could be one of them. So, let’s take a closer look at what jobs are suitable for unskilled employment under immigration programs and some of the best ways to apply for a Canadian visa as an unskilled worker.

Industry Available vacancies
Food processing – Process control and machine operators
– Industrial butchers, meat grinders, poultry farms
– Fish factory workers
– Food testers and evaluators
– Manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco products
Travel and accommodation – Employees at the hotel reception
Excursion and entertainment guides and activities in the casino – Travel guides and travel guides
– Guides for sports and outdoor activities
– Classes in the casino
Truck drivers – truck driver
Food and drink – Hostess
– Bartenders
– Food and drink servers
– Food counter attendants
– Helpers in the kitchen
Cleaning products – Light cleaners
– Specialized cleaners
– Janitors, caretakers and foremen of buildings
Elementary Services – Dry cleaning and laundry
– Hotel Valet
– Another

In conclusion, I will not recommend people to apply for unskilled work in Canada for foreigners because the chance of being hired as an unskilled worker in Canada is practically zero.

If you require additional immigration assistance for unskilled and low-skilled workers in Canada, you can consult Elaar Immigration Consulting Inc., Canada’s leading immigration firm and recruitment agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They can help you find the best way to immigrate to Canada and get the best job offer while avoiding the usual hassles along the way.

Unskilled Jobs in Canada with a Visa Sponsored Offer

Yes, there is potential if the employer is willing to offer unskilled work with visa sponsorship. Before an employee can apply for a work visa, the employer must have a positive LMIA. If the employee works outside of Canada, the employer usually must cover the employee’s travel and visa costs.

You must find a suitable employer who is willing to go through the visa process for you. Look for international brands or businesses in remote locations where local skills are lacking. Before a sponsored work visa can be issued, you must have an approved LMIA. This is the hardest to achieve, especially in unskilled positions where there may be a large number of local Canadians who can do the job.

Highly demanding jobs in Canada for unskilled workers

Each province and territory in Canada has its own labor market needs and immigration procedures. You must be well prepared where to immigrate for unskilled work before applying for a visa to move to Canada in 2021 and beyond. The following list compiles highly demanding unskilled jobs in various Canadian provinces.

Demanded unskilled jobs in Alberta

Industry Class
hospitality Food & Drink Servers, Foos Service Providers, Waiter & Waitress, Bartenders, Maid Service
Food processing Butchers, Poultry Farm Workers, Food and Beverage Workers, Packing Assistants
Metal processing Metal workers, workers and machine operators
Construction Workers and helpers
Agriculture Assemblers and packersHarvesters, Farm Workers, General Farm Workers

Demanded unskilled jobs in Toronto, Ontario

Industry Class
Transport truck driver
Food processing Food and Beverage Processing Workers, Fish Factory Workers, Helping Hand, Meat Cutter
hospitality Waiters with food and drinks, Bartenders
Assistant at the counter / assistant in the kitchen
Hotel reception clerks, hotel cleaners
Service Janitors, caretakers, foremen, light duty cleaners
Care Help desk worker at homeNanny, Nurse, Housekeeper

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