The World Economic Forum (WEF) has publicly announced a “painful transition” into a post-industrial world while admitting Biden and other world leaders are nothing more than place-holder puppets! Tune in NOW for exclusive coverage of the globalist gathering in Switzerland where Savanah Hernandez and others deliver breaking news as it happens without the NWO filter!


    • Hey Rick, you don’t know me but could you read my comment I left and feel free to pass it along !!! There is one proven fact that can destroy this current Regime in the White House and it’s MEMES- they can’t stand being made fun of, they will implode from within !!! Kind of like the way they are destroying our country, from Within !!! Anyway have a Blessed Day and Godspeed !!!

  1. You can destroy them with MEMES-one thing they can’t take is to be made fun of (FACT)They will implode,Mark my words it will work !!! Just check out Salty Crackers channel to become a believer and Red Pill a non-believer !!! The more the Better and have Faith in God- Deliver us from Evil-the world is their stage and we as Patriots can do this !!! We can take our country back,just believe !!! It’s us or them/Good or Evil !!!They have been going after our guns lately and aren’t afraid of taking lives – NWO/WEF go to their website and check it out where they openly admit of their plans for us all !!! I implore you to do your part, as simple as watching drop boxes in your county, or running for office !!! Signed Eyes Wide Open !!!

  2. There has been a major conspiracy going on for many years know, it continues to change it’s name as more people find out that something is going on. When D. Trump was elected it put the entire program in jeopardy because President Trump was not part of the plan and to make matters worse is the fact that Mr. Trump is a true believer, he believes in America, he believes in the American people, and he believes in the American way of life. This is what makes such a threat to the program. Mr. Musk is another example of a true believer, and he waited till he was in a position to make changes that he feels that are needed to keep this great nation going. The United States of America is one of the best things to ever happen to the world, now it’s not perfect and there have been mistakes, and corruption every other problem that have destroyed other countries, however one of the best parts of the United States of America is the ability to change and fix the mistakes that happen, when you really look at how America came to be, it’s a mind blowing concept.
    Back in the 18th century you had a bunch of long haired, pot smoking, beer drinking guys from different walks of life, different upbringing, different types of social status, and they got together and created this very unique form of government. And they did their best to build safeguards in to the structure so it would be able to continue to grow.
    We are currently in a place where EVIL has been able to get in positions of power, but the one thing that this country has always been able to do, is whenever someone attack’s this country then the American people come together and take care of business. This country will prevail and it is going to take some time to fix the damage that has been done.
    The big thing that is talked about is the great reset, and that it will bring in the new world order. Well it has happened but not what the elite wanted, in the past it was the conservative side that was so down on things and didn’t want to change and made everyone conform to their beliefs.
    But now it’s the democratics and the left that have become the problem and the conservative,or right side that has taken the position for the people. God bless America and President Trump, and everyone keep the faith and always watch your six.

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