Vandalization of COVID-19 palliative warehouse in Mazamaz: LASG condemns the law

Posted by on Oct 22, 2020, Under: News

Vandalization of COVID-19 Palliative Warehouse in Mazamaz: LASG Condemns Law

The Lagos state government today condemned the vandalism of the Mazamaza warehouse, which contains palliative care food bags donated to the state government by the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID).

September 22, 2020 State Governor Mr. Babajide Sanvo-Olu has officially received palliatives on nutrition from the CACOVID team, intended for distribution to the poor.

The government notes that the warehouse in question is not owned by the state and its use has been provided to the CaCOVID group. The state government was given permission to redistribute food assigned to it from the amount destined for the southwestern states.

The packet reassignment was done on a per-request basis and under the control of the CACOVID team.

Distribution continued, but was stopped due to protests prior to today’s warehouse invasion. For the effective distribution of food palliatives, groups such as transport unions, ethnic groups, religious associations, the Women’s Association, people with disabilities, orphanages and nursing homes, among others, have been used as distribution channels for their members.

The state government, however, regrets the invasion of the warehouse and appreciates the support the CACOVID team is providing to the citizens of Lagos.