VERY SENSITIVE CONTENT! Nak**d Hunter Biden Caught partying with a prost***tute – latest video disaster

“Hunter is in a compromising position that will rock Washington, D.C.,” gossip and entertainment site RadarOnline separately quoted an unnamed source about the latest embarrassment for the First Son.

The circa October 2018 scandalous images are supposedly from a trove of 30 gigabytes of material from the younger Biden’s iPhone that were shopped around by an anonymous tipster to several media outlets.

In the exclusive, RadarOnline claims it refused to pay for them, but it decided to post what it claims are legitimate images of the “trainwreck son…because the timeline of events offers a frightening look at how easily gun control laws can be violated.”

“In two separate photos, Hunter is seen with one hand on the trigger of the gun and his other hand cupping his penis and pelvic area. In a third image, the remnants of what appears to be crack cocaine can be seen on a plate alongside used and packeted condoms, along with drug paraphernalia and a spoon believed to be used to smoke the illicit drug,” Radar asserted.

It gets worse, the outlet contended, even as the Biden administration and Democrats generally are demanding more gun regulations.

“What’s even more disturbing is that these sordid photos were captured in 12 days of madness during which the Biden family tried to dispose of the illegally obtained weapon on the streets of Wilmington, Delaware — across the street from a high school, Last year, it was revealed Hunter had purchased a gun illegally in 2018 and failed to disclose he had a drug problem.”

Hunter Biden, 52, allegedly lied on the federal background check form about his prior drug use. “If Joe Biden cared about gun laws, Hunter Biden would already be in jail,” The Federalist claimed last week in that context.

Last week, the Daily Mail claimed that Hunter Biden allegedly uploaded his own home movies to Pornhub.

Biden, of Laptop from Hell fame, is reportedly under investigation by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware for alleged influence-peddling in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. A grand jury has reportedly been empaneled as part of the probe into possible tax fraud and other potential wrongdoing. Both Bidens have denied any impropriety.

According to RadarOnline, the new photos were evidently on that laptop “in the form of a password-protected iPhone backup folder” that allegedly was eventually accessed.


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