Victims of Alleged Fulani Militia Attack Buried in Plateau State

Victims of Alleged Fulani Militia Attack Buried in Plateau State

Prince Chongyang Mwadkwon, a little girl and four others who were brutally killed by suspected Fulani militias, were buried on Wednesday October 14 at the Wereng community in the Riyom local government district in Plateau state, IgbereTV reported.

We remind you that Prince Mwadkwon, who was awaiting the coronation and other victims, was killed by the alleged militants on October 5, 2020.

Many others were injured in the attack, IgbereTV reported.

Welcoming the residents of the community, the chairman of the Riyom LGC transition committee, Hon Mafeng Gwalson, assured them that the perpetrators of this act would surely be arrested and face the full wrath of the law, and that the attackers were known.

He thanked the LGA security for what they have done so far, arresting some of the killers of these innocent souls.

Gwalson also advised Riyom LGA residents never to take the law into their own hands, but to continue to be law-abiding citizens by reporting any suspicious movements or any strangers mentioned in the communities to security officials.

Yes, attended the funeral service. Samuel Jock (Dagwom Rway Riyom), Yes. Gyan Daliop (Dagwom Rway Bachi), Begwom, Hon. Mafeng Gwalson, President of Riyom LGC, Hon. Timothy Dantong, Member of the PLWHA Constituency in Riyoma, Hon. Simon Mwadkwon Member of B / Ladi / Riyom Fed. District submitted by the Hon. Dangtong.

Others include President of CAN Riyom LGA, President of CAN-Plateau State, Arch. Bishop of the Shendam Diocese, comrade. Dachung Solomon Pam, youth president of Riyom LGA, president of APC Riyom LGA and many of the sympathizers who came to pay tribute to those killed.

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