Vole Soyinka publishes new book 48 years later

Vole Soyinka publishes new book 48 years later

Nigerian playwright, poet and essayist Professor Wole Soyinka has released his new novel entitled Chronicles of the Happiest People on Earth.

The book, published in Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos, comes out 48 years after his two works, Interpreters (1965) and Season of Anomie (1973).

The novel was published by Bookcraft Publishing, Ibadan.

Speaking at the presentation of the book, Soyinka explained why he returned to prose and how long it took him to finish the book.

According to him, “some topics require a more extensive exposure approach.”

“So I went back to prose,” he added.

Talking about the length of time he spent on the book, he said: “As far as the subject itself is concerned, the answer will forever be in the form of a decision.

“But actually, when I need to start recording something, I’ll say it for two years.”

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