wickedness and lunacy everywhere you turn in the States…

And, if you think that the world is about to end, you’re not far from the truth.

But also, here are some other predictions on the near future, that sound really shocking, yet, are based on facts and observations.

According to Doctor Vernon Coleman, these are the possible case scenarios for the nearest future of our homeland.

“Prediction 1:

Despite the available evidence proving that the jabs will kill and cause serious health problems, I fear that children in the UK are going to be injected with the toxic experimental substance which will make many of them ill. Pfizer says their jab is safe for children and it has been approved for 12-year-olds, so the fact-checkers and the BBC also say it’s safe.

Teachers around the world want children to be jabbed. What the hell it has got to do with them is beyond me – they surely can’t all be homicidal maniacs. And children will be given the right to decide whether they are jabbed. No one cares about informed consent. Anyone who jabs a child with this gunk will eventually be arrested and jailed as a criminal.