WATCH THE BANNED VIDEO BELOW! A Whistleblower Nurse Exposed The Poisoning Of The Pure Bloods

The Plasma infusions are actually the “Trojan horse” of the 21st century in the medical business.

Yes – business!

They’re destroying our gene, our pure blood, infesting it with God knows what else (we have an idea) so that they could kill, control, and profit over our already miserable lives!

This nurse knows very well about the dangers of speaking out these days. Especially by people in her professional field. That’s why she’s desiced to speak anonymously, in the Stew Peters show.

This nurse wants to warn everybody about the danger for unvaccinated people of getting heavily-vaccinated blood transfusions in the hospital.

There’s a common treatment in hospitals called immune globulin therapy. That’s where people with weak immune system are given blood filled with antibodies to strengthen their resistance.

According to her, “there is no effort to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated plasma, so globulin injections will contain Covid vaccine antibodies. In once case our whistleblower saw, a patient had an antibody level of 2500, an amount she says is only seen in the triply vaccinated, or those going through monoclonal antibody therapy.”