“We are looking forward to working with you.”

President Muhammadu Bukhari warmly welcomes the inauguration of Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the United States of America on Wednesday, expressing the hope that their presidency will be an important moment of cooperation and support for Nigeria and beyond. African continent.

President Bukhari congratulates leaders and the entire country on the successful transition, which marks an important historic turning point for democracy as a system of government and for the global community as a whole.

“We look forward to Biden’s presidency with great hope and optimism about strengthening existing cordial relations, working together to combat global terrorism, climate change, poverty, and improved economic ties and increased trade.

“We hope that this is an era of great positive relations between our two countries, as we are working together to resolve issues of mutual interest,” the president added.

President Bukhari and all Nigerians rejoice with President Joe Biden, sharing the proud feeling that the first woman elected as Vice President of the United States is of African and Asian descent.

The rest also congratulated the 46th President of the United States and his deputy.

Congratulations to @JoeBiden on his inauguration as President of the United States and @KamalaHarris on his historic inauguration. American leadership plays a vital role in tackling issues that matter to all of us, from climate change to COVID, and I look forward to working with President Biden.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

My heartfelt congratulations to @JoeBiden on his appointment as President of the United States of America. I look forward to working with him to strengthen the strategic partnership between India and the United States.

My best wishes for a successful presidential term in the United States as we are united and resilient in tackling common challenges and promoting global peace and security.

The India-US partnership is based on shared values. We have a broad and multifaceted bilateral agenda, growing economic commitment, and vibrant human connections. Seeks to work with President @JoeBiden to take the Indian-American partnership to even greater heights.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the occasion of the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States of America

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released the following statement today on Joe Biden’s inauguration as President of the United States of America:

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I congratulate Joe Biden on his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States of America.

“Canada and the United States have some of the most unique relationships in the world, based on a shared commitment to democratic values, common interests, and strong economic and security ties. Our two countries are more than neighbors: we are close friends, partners and allies.

“Canada and the United States have worked side-by-side to address some of the greatest challenges we have faced in our history. We will continue this partnership as we fight the global COVID-19 pandemic and support a sustainable economic recovery that will improve for all. We will also work together to advance climate action and clean economic growth, foster inclusion and diversity, and create good jobs and middle class opportunities for our people, contributing to democracy and peace. and security at home and around the world.

“I look forward to working with President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, their administration and the United States Congress as we strive to make our countries safer, more prosperous and more resilient.”

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

“Congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on their historic inauguration.

President Biden, you and I have a warm personal friendship spanning many decades.

I look forward to working with you to further strengthen the American-Israeli alliance, further expand the peace between Israel and the Arab world, and address common problems, primarily the threat posed by Iran.

I wish you great success.
God bless the United States of America. God bless Israel.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

On behalf of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, I congratulate Joe Biden on his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris as Vice President. Today is the beginning of a new chapter of the transatlantic alliance.

The link between North America and Europe is the foundation of our security, and a strong NATO is beneficial for both North America and Europe. For more than seventy years, our transatlantic alliance has guaranteed freedom, peace and security for our people. US leadership remains important as we work together to protect our democracies, our values, and a rules-based international order.

NATO allies must unite to address the security implications of China’s rise, the threat of terrorism, including in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a more assertive Russia. None of us can meet these challenges alone, but together in NATO we represent one billion people and half of the world’s military and economic power.

Therefore, I look forward to working closely with President Biden and welcoming him to the NATO summit in Brussels at the end of the year. Our goal will be NATO 2030, an initiative to strengthen our strong Alliance and its readiness for the future.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

I wish President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris all the best in their quest to heal their country and lead the American people out of the pandemic.

The time has come to regain faith and common sense and renew our EU-US relationship.

# Inauguration2021

President of the European Council Charles Michel

Congratulations to @JoeBiden on his sworn in as President of the United States and @KamalaHarris, the first female Vice President of the United States!

Thank you for the inspiring introduction and the offer of cooperation.

Europe is ready for a new start.


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