“We fertilize female victims whose husbands cannot pay the ransom.”

“We fertilize female victims whose husbands cannot pay the ransom.”

If you call them satanic, evil and devilish, you are not exaggerating at all.

They were thieves and kidnappers, armed with unique working methods. Specializing in kidnapping women for ransom, these ten men waited for a while for the families of their victims to bring the ransom. But if the money did not arrive on time, the kidnappers turned married women into sex slaves, brutally raping them until they became pregnant. Then they released the women.

They did this for a long time and managed to get pregnant up to eight women. But they are unlikely to do it again. Cause? Several were arrested by agents of the Rivers State Police Department’s Anti-Abduction Squad.

Among the arrested suspects of kidnappers and robbers – Ume Palo, 24; Philip Chudo, 25, and Okera, 30.

Police reportedly rescued eight victims, including 23-year-old Ruth Sunday, who was released when her kidnappers were waiting for a $ 5 million ransom from her family.

Police also seized more than 50 weapons and ammunition, including 15 AK-47 rifles, pistols and magazines from the gang at their hideouts in Igbo Eche, Pinepeel and Villacara Forest in the Bori Rivers local government area.

One of the suspects, Ume Palo, spoke to Shabbat Sun. He said: “I am from the local government district of Bori in the state of the river. We are 10 gang members. We kidnap female victims and get pregnant. We have kidnapped over 15 female victims and made about eight pregnancy victims. We used to give them to our friends if the money didn’t come from their people. We will release them later. “

Rivers State Police Commissioner Mr. Eboka Friday told Saturday Sun that the three kidnappers, after kidnapping their female victims, would take them to the forests of Eche and Villacara and take millions of naira from their own relatives as ransom. Those who could not pay were raped, forced to become pregnant and released.

The police chief said the suspects forced police detectives to arrest the thankful person, presumably their gun holder. Thank God, it became known that he took the police to a place in the Vilakara forest in Bori, where firearms were seized. Police said the suspects killed a police officer at the checkpoint and in their homes.

Deputy Commissioner for Operations Muazu Mohammed, who led the operation, said that along with the anti-kidnapping commander, Edward Collins and his agents stormed the kidnappers’ hideout in Villacara Forest and Camp Mbano. They found police AK-47s, magazines, 125 rounds and submachine guns stolen from police during last year’s #EndSARS protest.

He also claimed that the three kidnappers and their alliance abducted female victims in Port Harcourt and the Elele axis between September and November 2020 and took them to hiding. They reportedly asked for millions of naira and eventually impregnated some of the victims. During a meeting with the police, two suspects were shot dead, while others fled with gunshot wounds and threw down their weapons and ammunition.

“Between December 2020 and January 2021, the same gang kidnapped two female victims in Oyingbo and Mile 1 in Port Harcourt and took them to hideout, demanding ransom. Anti-kidnapping squad agents broke into their hideout after the victims’ family paid $ 800,000. Two injured women were rescued from an unfinished house.

“Between May and July 2020, the same gang kidnapped Eche’s husband and wife and demanded $ 3 million. At the same time, N1 million was paid, and her husband was released. His wife was raped and she became pregnant, and a month later she was released. The union threw the victim into the bushes and threw her there until police officers rescued her.

“On February 28, 2021, the same gang kidnapped a female victim, 28-year-old Ruth Sunday, along the Igbo-Eche pipeline and demanded millions of naira in ransom from her relatives. The victim was held in custody for three days awaiting ransom before police broke into the shelter. Three suspects were arrested, the rest went into hiding. The rest of the gang were arrested in Port Harcourt and confessed. They took the police to their hideout, where they found AK-47 assault rifles, magazines, 20 rounds of combat rounds and pistols with locally produced cartridges. The victim, Ruth, was taken to Port Harcourt University Hospital for treatment, ”Muhammad said.

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