We lost 22 people, 205 stations, orders due to the #EndSARS – IGP protest.

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We lost 22 people, 205 stations, orders due to the #EndSARS – IGP protest.

According to him, 22 police officers were killed, 205 police stations and formations were set on fire.

Mohammed Adamu, Inspector General of Police, said 22 police officers had died, protesting Amnesty International’s report claiming police used excessive force against unarmed #EndSARS protesters.

IG said its people “acted professionally, applied commendable restrictions, and some of them paid the highest price for peace” during the protests and subsequent violence in parts of the country. “

According to him, 22 police officers were killed, 205 stations and formations were set on fire.

A global human rights group in its report beat the police for attacking activists calling for police reform, pointing out that they used excessive force against them.

AI reported that the ensuing violence killed more than 12 protesters.

But IG described the AI ​​report as false, misleading and “contrary to all available evidence.”

The police denial was set forth Friday in a statement by DCP spokesman Frank Mbah, entitled “EndSARS Protests: Police Officers Acted Professionally and Implemented Severe Restrictions,” IGP told Amnesty International.

It read: “PGI noted that during the protests, Force officers used legal means to ensure that the protests were conducted peacefully and in most cases were physically protected and walked alongside the protesters.

“He reiterated that even as the protests escalated into violence in parts of the country, the officers still maintained the utmost restraint and did not use excessive force to manage situations.

“According to reports, 22 police officers were killed out of court by some demonstrators, untied, and dozens were injured during the protests.

“Many of the injured are in life-threatening conditions in hospitals.”

“Two hundred and five police stations and militias, including other critical public and private infrastructure, were also damaged by some of the demonstrators.”

Despite the alleged attacks, Adamu said the police never used illegal force, as indicated in the report.

“It is also gratifying to imagine that Amnesty International did not mention or pay tribute to the police officers who were horribly killed during the protests while serving their homeland,” the statement said.

The forces condemned what they described as discriminatory trends demonstrated by AI in their report.

He added: “The question is whether, according to Amnesty International, even police officers are not equally empowered to defend their fundamental rights to life and dignity of the human person.”

Stating that the Force is committed to the federal government’s police reforms in Nigeria, IG urged AI to subject its reports to “due diligence and due diligence before releasing them.”