We returned $ 153 million, 80 homes from Diezani – EFCC President

We returned $ 153 million, 80 homes from Diezani – EFCC President

Abdulrashid Bawa, chairman of the Commission on Economic and Financial Crimes, said the anti-corruption agency has returned $ 153 million and 80 selected properties worth $ 80 million from former Oil Minister Dizani Alison Madueke.

This is stated in the April issue of the EFCC Alert magazine.

But the head of the EFCC was quick to add that bringing the former minister to justice is still far from reality, as it is outside Nigeria’s jurisdiction, acknowledging the problems associated with her returning home to face trial.

The President said: “The Diezani case is related to several cases. I was a participant in this investigation, and we did a lot. In one case, we collected $ 153 million; we have secured the final seizure of over 80 properties in Nigeria, worth about $ 80 million. We’ve done quite a bit with that.

“The remaining $ 115 million INEC corruption cases are also pending federation-wide. We cannot wait for the time to come when we will have it, perhaps in the country, and of course we will consider the situation and see what happens in the future. The case, of course, is not abandoned. “

But when asked how he would deal with influential government officials when vacating his post as EFCC president, Bava said he would be willing to quit his job if anyone tried to force him to do something that was illegal.

“I’m not going to be loyal to people in government,” he added.

Bava noted that although he was young, he paid the price for his work as one of the pioneering EFCC employees, climbing the corporate ladder to reach the top.

He said: “I have climbed the corporate ladder. The only job I know of after graduation is the EFCC, which I joined in 2004. I went from being a full team member to being the first EFCC team leader from the EFCC staff.

“I became Section Head, Ibadan Zone Head, Port Harcourt Zone Head and Lagos Zone Head. Lagos is the largest EFCC operations center with over 600 employees. Port Harcourt is next to it in terms of complexity and headcount. I was the first EFCC staff member to lead three different zones prior to my appointment as president. “

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