We support the police, there may be rotten eggs, but that is not a reason to kill cops – Governor El Rufai

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El Rufai condemned the killing of police officers after criminals took over the #EndSARS protest.

He said this on Monday 2 November following a meeting of the Forum of Northern Governors and Traditional Rulers, as well as other key stakeholders in the region, according to media reports that the police need to be supported to carry out their duties.

El Rufai also said that he agreed that the local police would become the state police after the constitutional change.

He said;

“We support the police, we believe that the police can have rotten eggs, as in any organization, but this is not a reason to destroy or kill police officers.

“We look forward to expanding the presence and effectiveness of the Nigerian police force within their mandate.

“We discussed working more closely with the Nigerian police and governors to improve community policing as a first step.

“The state police is an important topic in the constitutional amendment, at least we have agreed on the proximity police, which is the first step.

“It is the local police that will become the state police after the constitutional change.

“We believe there is now a need to restore confidence in the Nigerian police force, provide them with more resources, more training and equipment so that they can do their job better in accordance with better human rights standards.”
He reiterated that they believed the intention of the #EndSARS protesters was sincere before the protest was hijacked.

El Rufai added;

“We think they have the best intentions, but there are people who are promoting their own evil and undemocratic plans.

“We have taken very clear positions on some of these issues, and we also support our roadmap by exploring different aspects of our lives, including Nigeria’s economic problems, development problems and the Almajiri problems.

“We will meet again in February to assess our progress.”

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