Wedding 2021 – Ideas Nobody Had

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Wedding 2021 - Ideas Nobody Had

Every year we review hundreds of culture and wedding sites around the world to bring you the best. In recent months, the team has been collecting everything new and interesting to present fresh ideas for the 2021 wedding today!

1. Chamber weddings are experiencing a real boom, largely due to the epidemic that has seized the planet. If you have not considered such an approach to the holiday for yourself, we suggest thinking about it, because it is the most comfortable and sincere format.

2. The “extreme” version of a chamber celebration – a wedding for two – already raises much fewer questions from others than before. If you don’t understand how such a party should go, we suggest reading our guide to weddings for two .

3. Eco weddings are getting more popular! If you want to be on trend, think of potted flowers instead of cut-off, reusable coffee mugs as gifts for guests and email invitations that won’t hurt any tree to make.

4. More and more brides prefer to organize the celebration on their own in order to better feel the preparation process and save money. Join them, there is nothing difficult about it! Well, in order to understand where to run and what to do, order the Bride Assistant , which contains a step-by-step plan for preparing for the wedding, there is a detailed guide for brides and useful files that will help you correctly allocate your budget, take into account the wishes of guests and calculate the correct amount of alcohol.

Wedding decoration

5. Unusual wedding idea 2021 – replace the floral arch for registration with original stone installations, in the center of which you will be standing with the groom. Nobody has done this before!

6. Do you want more than just a natural landscape behind your back? Create a registration area or photo area with an oil painted sea backdrop so realistic it makes you feel like diving into it:

7. Almost no one has seen crystals in the registration area, be one of the first. It looks incredible! If you look closely, you will notice that instead of glass, a film is used here, so the implementation of the idea will be quite budgetary.

8. Why not decorate the trees with colorful butterflies for an outdoor wedding? The photo shows live tropical butterflies, but no one bothers to repeat this trick with a decorator.

9. Try to replace (or supplement) the usual roses and peonies with wildflowers, it looks gentle and unbeatable:

10. Think about combinations that are difficult to imagine. How could anyone have known that pampas grass would be combined with … macrame? Hardly! But it turned out bombically.

11. This fabulous floral installation was created for a wedding in Indonesia, taking into account the traditions of the country, but it turned out so subtle and elegant that you can repeat it anywhere:

12. Until recently, transparent chairs were at the height of fashion, but if you want to be in trend now, pay attention to a fresh idea for a 2021 wedding – chairs with openwork backs.

Bride image

13. What if you spill something on your outfit or just want to look fresher in the afternoon? You don’t have to worry about this if you choose a reversible wedding dress. Turn it inside out (which doesn’t look like the inside out at all) and continue the holiday:

14. If the idea above does not seem attractive, look at dresses with large and noticeable bows.

15. Afraid that your veil will look too conservative? It depends on the veil, because you can choose a design with decorations or an unusual texture:

16. Let wildflowers appear not only in the decor, but also in the bride’s bouquet – so it will immediately become touching and romantic.

17. Perhaps we will wear masks for a long time. A bride should not be wearing a regular medical mask from the nearest pharmacy. Replace it with a cute alternative.

Groom image

18. An extraordinary idea for a 2021 wedding – a wedding ring for the groom. We are used to the fact that after the engagement only the bride wears such a ring, but why is her beloved worse?

19. Replace the blue or black suit with a colored one:

20. For those who find the previous solution too daring, there is another option – the original lining. Here you can turn around as you like!

Wedding cake at wedding 2021

21. Incredible island cakes are even a pity to eat, they are so good. Guests have never seen such a thing (and it is not a fact that they will).

22. Replace the large cake with a small one, designed for one person. This will give everyone their own mini cake:

Accessories and gifts for guests

23. The ring cushions seem old-fashioned, and there is nothing interesting among the boxes? Showing a fresh idea for a 2021 wedding – nautical ring coasters. The coasters are made using epoxy resin, so the waves are translucent and look like real ones. Just imagine how the photos will turn out!

24. Give guests a cookie that looks like a work of art:

25. Distribute jars of soap bubbles instead of petals to the invitees and ask them to use them after the ceremony. Don’t do this if you have big plans for a post-wedding dress – some bubble liquids will leave marks on the fabric.