Wedding and coronavirus – answering questions

Posted by on Sep 1, 2020, Under: Daily Tips

Wedding and coronavirus - answering questions

If you are getting married soon, the situation in the world will surely give you a lot of worries and doubts. Wedding and coronavirus – we answer brides’ questions on this topic. The information specified in the article is current at the time of its publication (September 1, 2020).

Wedding and coronavirus – we want to cancel

We have a wedding in Russia in April / May. Do I need to transfer it because of the coronavirus?

Yes, it is a wise decision to postpone the holiday to a later date.

We are getting married in June. Should you reschedule your wedding?

The best solution for summer weddings is to wait until mid-April and see what happens in the country at that time. If you understand that a quick resolution of the situation is not expected, reschedule.

Wedding in the fall, I already have to worry and do something?

There is a lot of time until autumn, do nothing and watch what is happening. And you certainly shouldn’t be nervous.

We were planning a wedding in Italy in June, do you think it should be rescheduled?

It is highly likely that the wedding will not take place, because even if the situation in Italy is back to normal by this time, it is not known what will happen in Russia and whether you can fly away. So far, air traffic with Europe is limited. We would advise you to postpone it to a later date.

What months is better to postpone the holiday?

Wedding and coronavirus are essentially opposite concepts. A wedding is all about planning, and the new virus, unfortunately, cannot be planned, so it is impossible to tell what will happen. Now it makes sense to choose a date not earlier than August.

Mom says it’s a bad omen to postpone the wedding. And what if we move, then we will never arrange it. What do you think?

Belief in omens in the current situation can play a cruel joke on you, leading to infection at the holiday of family members. There is nothing wrong with transference when circumstances force it to do so. Even celebrities have canceled weddings: Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

What if there will be no wedding on the planned day, and we do not know the new date yet?

Communicate your decision to guests, contractors and the site so that they understand your plans. Specify a new date when the situation becomes clearer and you can make a decision with confidence.

Due to the coronavirus, we changed the date of the wedding, but on this day the photographer we have chosen is already busy. Shouldn’t he work for us, because we were the first according to the plan?

Should not. Another couple plans their celebration just like you do, choosing their team carefully. Your photographer has an agreement with these people, and it is just as important as you. Therefore, do not spoil the relationship with the person and look for another contractor.

We have already made an advance payment to the decorators, the wedding was canceled 2 weeks in advance, but the decorators refuse to return the money. They say that they have already bought everything. This is their problem, isn’t it?

In a situation of cancellation of a wedding and coronavirus, two things are important: the existence of a contract and a human attitude towards others. The contract must specify the conditions for the return of the prepayment (for how long it is fully refunded, and for how long it is partially). Treating others as people who have also suffered from the pandemic will make it clear that if decorators have already spent an advance payment on the purchase of materials, then they have nowhere to get this money. Especially now that weddings are canceled one after another. Therefore, we advise you to discuss the issue of prepayment refund with contractors politely and honestly, then you will find a solution that suits both parties.

We have made a prepayment for the restaurant, we want to change the date. Do I need to deposit a new amount?

  1. Check the contract, it should contain a clause on the conditions for changing the wedding day.
  2. Talk to the site manager, tell us about your plans and ask what he has to offer you. Most likely, the site will meet halfway, at the most – it will ask you to pay in addition the amount that was spent on preparing for your celebration, if such costs were.

Wedding and coronavirus – having a party

The celebration was canceled, but we still want to sign. Can we?

Yes, while (03/25/2020) the registry offices are working. Some registry offices have begun to move to registering a marriage online, specify in the chosen one if they have such a service. If you have to appear there in person, wear disposable gloves and preferably masks. Better not to bring guests.

We know that now we do not recommend playing a wedding, but we still want to do it and arrange everything as planned. What are the limitations?

We recommend that you think again: are you ready to endanger yourself, your family and your team? You have only one life. Maybe at least come up with a small wedding online? If you still want to arrange a planned event, there is one limitation for now – no more than 50 people (including everyone who works at the wedding). Make sure to disinfect, ventilate the area and ensure that older people and those with chronic health problems do not attend the event.

Some of the guests refused to come to the wedding, fearing for their health. How can you convince them to come?

No, they want to protect themselves in the current situation and take measures for this. This decision should be respected by the guests, so just thank them for their honesty.