Wedding walk. Expectation / Reality

Most likely, after the registry office you plan to arrange a wedding walk or a fun photo session with friends in nature. We will tell you why it may not be what you imagined and how to avoid it.

“Let’s take a walk under the warm sun”

Expectation. You will arrange an easy walk under the caressing sunbeams.

Reality. The weather cheerfully waved its palm at you, pouring down pouring rain or stifling heat on the whole company .

How to be? Prepare for the fact that the wedding walk can happen in inclement weather – develop a plan B. Where will you go to take pictures if it rains? Where will you hide from the scorching sun? How do you adapt your schedule if you need to shorten your walking time?

“Everyone will have fun at the photo session”

Expectation. Take photos with the guests, and then there will be a photo session with the groom. At this time, guests will relax on the sidelines and be touched.

Reality. An hour-long photo session for young people is a test for guests if they have nothing to do. If the majority are unfamiliar with each other, it will be even worse.

How to be? Have a photo session for the two of you before your wedding stroll so guests don’t have to wait. Yes, this is your day, but you invited a lot of people to the holiday, so you should reckon with them.

“Let’s have a glass of champagne and eat strawberries”

Expectation. Guests will drink some champagne, eat some fruit and continue their walk to arrive fresh at the restaurant.

Reality. This is a wedding. Be prepared for the fact that some guests will drink more than one glass (and not only champagne).

How to be? Snacks on a walk should be more substantial than strawberries, otherwise some will be taken away in a few hours. Inelegant pies with meat and potatoes will come in handy in this case. And be sure to prepare a supply of still water.

“On a wedding walk I will pose on high heels”

Expectation. In high heels, you will walk past the photographer with a flying gait.

Reality. You will move a lot, so in half an hour these shoes will seem like torture tools – your legs will get tired, and even calluses may appear. Even if you try to hide it, the suffering on your face will remain in the pictures.

How to be? Don’t torture yourself. Take a few shots in your dream shoes, then change into comfortable ones. This does not mean that she will be ugly, not at all. Neat ballet flats, shoes with comfortable heels or latest model Converse will look stylish and will not cause inconvenience.

“After the wedding walk I will arrive at the restaurant fresh and rosy.”

Expectation. You will easily flutter into the banquet room, looking like you just put on your makeup and dress.

Reality. We are all human, so, most likely, you will not look completely fresh – the makeup will drip a little, and the hem of the dress will become slightly dirty.

How to be? Take the makeup you used to paint to fix your makeup. We advise you to buy a second wedding dress to change into it. And don’t go out in the heat or rain.

“Let’s arrange a magical photo session in the snow in winter”

Expectation. Take fabulous photos in snowdrifts – no one has had such a thing!

Reality. Perhaps what you will do, just dress warmly, because it can be cold on a wedding walk in winter. Or, on the contrary, it may be too warm, only memories will remain of the snow.

How to be? As mentioned above, you should dress warmer so as not to freeze. Also, think about where to arrange a photo shoot if there is no snow.

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