What is it like to be a musician

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A musician is not a profession. This is a form of existence, if only because the musician differs from other representatives of the Homo Sapiens species in childhood. No, no, do not look at the unfortunate children whom mothers and fathers , convinced of the genius of their offspring, drive to the instrument with a stick – and who make up the majority in any average music school, bringing teachers to a heart attack – they are not musicians and never will be. A real musician will reach for the instrument himself – to try to extract from it what he already knows … but he knows one simple truth: everything in the world has a “voice”. A musician not only “hears” the world – he can also “say” something about it … of course, if there is a “transmission mechanism” – what is called a performing technique (at this stage, many who have hearing “break”).

What is it like to be a musician

is it easy to be a musician

Sometimes they say that the performing apparatus is the hands, but this is not entirely true: the performing apparatus is the entire body of the musician, in fact, it becomes an integral part of the instrument … and for this to happen, it is not enough to master some movements – you need to transform your whole being. A musician is always dissatisfied with his work (if you said to yourself: “I have reached the top,” you are dead), the musician lives in the Looking Glass, where, as you know, “you have to run fast in order to stay in one place, and to find yourself in another, you have to run twice as fast. ” The professional skills of a musician are based on the “memory of the body” – and it is very unreliable, this is the very matter that collapses, having lost the spirit: if you loosen your grip, they fell apart

Professional skills of a musician

reflex arcs, the technique is lost, and therefore there is no greater trouble for a musician than not picking up an instrument for at least a day … However, the musician is afraid of this not only because he is afraid of losing his shape (although this is also why – here musicians are comparable to sportsmen): an instrument is a living being, his beloved friend. Therefore, do not be offended by the musician when he does not let you try to extract a couple of chords from his instrument – he knows that the instrument will not like it. No matter how much time the musician spends at rehearsals, in the end, it is done for the sake of the stage. The scene requires everything – if only because mistakes are not forgiven there: one small mistake can negate the whole impression (especially at the beginning of the piece – then even the subsequent brilliant performance will not correct anything).

the musician does everything for the stage

Of course, a physically infirm person cannot withstand such stress – there is no place for people with poor health in music. Musicians also have their own professional harm – sitting for many hours in one position (often unnatural), so spinal diseases are practically guaranteed – unless, of course, you do not keep yourself in shape with the help of exercises … and this is also part of a “different form of existence” that requires Total. Perhaps it is difficult to understand such a creature, perhaps it sometimes annoys: neighbors – with endless scales, relatives – a penny salary, the government – this

also played the piano

pay a salary, and everyone – by immersion in their art, but all of them – neighbors, relatives, and even members of the government – do not stop going to concerts because without this

one cannot remain human. And therefore, gentlemen, be condescending to the musicians: they are creatures from another Universe, it is not easy for them in your world, which simultaneously needs them and rejects them. Author: Elena Asvoinova-Travina

Profession musician
Music is an art form that is vital for every person . Often people listen to music on the way home, while doing sports, before going to bed falling asleep in the evening. There are those who regularly go to concerts and go to festivals. But there are people who have made music their profession and work. What difficulties, pros and cons lie in wait for those who choose such a creative path? And why, despite so many difficulties, a person still decides to connect his life with the art of music. It should be understood that this is not the case when you can work from 9 to 17:00, close your portfolio and go home with peace of mind. Music requires constant presence in it, urgent concentration.


  • Involvement in the creation of the culture and spirit of their time. The musician and his music are always a reflection of world and personal experiences. They translate events and even moods of the era into the language of art.
  • The ability to make work out of a hobby. If a person does what he loves, then he will not have to work a single day in his life. Spending every day for his favorite pastime, the musician not only has a beneficial effect on himself and society, but also enjoys it.
  • Participation in a variety of creative, educational and ideological projects. Working in a team of like-minded people not only cheers up and increases efficiency, but helps to get a new, unique experience.
  • Direct interaction with the consumer of the work product. The musician has a unique opportunity to constantly receive feedback from the listener. The interaction with the audience and the exchange of energy inspire new achievements.
  • Ample opportunities for the presentation of your creativity. A musician can independently choose which venue he will perform on and for which category of listeners. The choice of a job directly affects the genre of music and energy exchange.


  • Lack of guarantees in obtaining a job. Even after graduation, not to mention amateur musicians, no one can guarantee employment. A musician should not only be in constant search of himself, but his place under the sun.
  • High competition. Only constant work on yourself and the ability to break through can bring success. Only a small percentage of musicians make it to the top. It is better to moderate your ambitions and be prepared for serious competition in the music market. Think about what exactly you can bring to music that will distinguish your work from hundreds of other products of creativity.
  • Relatively small salary. Yes, the success of the Beatles or Justin Bieber can easily turn your head. But do not forget what work and luck contributed to their development. The average salary is extremely low, which means that you need to be guided by the fact that money should not be the main incentive in the work of a musician, especially a beginner.
  • To achieve high results, it will take a lot of work and attention to self-discipline and self-education. Despite the fact that a musician is a creative profession, specialized education can become a reliable safety rope in achieving your dreams.