What is out of fashion in modern weddings?

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What is out of fashion in modern weddings?

Even if you are not chasing trends , it is worth knowing what has not been considered good form for a long time. We advise that it is better to replace with an alternative in order to play a modern wedding. We would like to make a reservation that this is a recommendation, not a guide to action. If you have dreamed of a ransom all your life and wrote the script after receiving an offer, do it!

Invite many guests, half of whom you barely know

Your colleagues and colleagues of your parents, aunt Lyuba from the next doorway, a second cousin whom you only know from a photo – who are all these people? Why did they come to your wedding? Do they really care about your happiness?

Do not invite unfamiliar people just because it is necessary (in fact, it is not necessary). More people – more mouths and expenses, as mundane as it sounds. Twenty years ago it was hard to kick off the numerous relatives, but now everything is different. Don’t communicate or only communicate at work? Do not invite people to the main holiday in life. Better for the money saved, take a good hotel for your honeymoon.

Throw show-off

Do you think that a modern wedding should definitely take place in the Ritz and have you dreamed about it since first grade? Book the Ritz if you have something. Gold and stucco molding are unpleasant to you, your soul asks for a cozy meadow in the forest, but the image is nothing and you, spitting, look at restaurants in the hated “expensive-rich” style? Time to stop and think, who needs it? If the goal is to show off, then this is already indecent and gives off a bad taste. So calmly look for your clearing.

Literally embody themed wedding ideas

Want a Harry Potter , Game of Thrones or Tiffany wedding ? You are welcome! Just remember that moderation is your best friend. Do not look for Hermione’s dress at the ball and glasses like Harry’s, do not try to distribute magic wands to everyone and prepare a menu for Hogwarts gala dinners for a banquet. Pick 2-3 key elements and repeat them in the decor, the bride’s look and other aspects. If you try to completely recreate your chosen theme, you risk getting an old-fashioned wedding, similar to a costume party.

Arrange a wedding in one color

Oh, those trendy weddings from ten years ago! Red, blue, turquoise and pink! All the details were done in the same color, even the bride’s nail polish matched the shade of the ribbons on the chairs. Just don’t do it, mix different colors, textures and fabrics.

Choose a cake dress

Only if as a girl you imagined yourself in a huge fluffy dress, choose it and forget about this article. If not, look for a style that will dye you, because the dress-cake suits units.

Wear uncomfortable stiletto heels

The bride should be a princess – happy and flying. What kind of ease are we talking about if you can hardly stand on long thin stilettos and feel your legs go numb? To be modern, you no longer have to go crazy with uncomfortable shoes, just a heel that is comfortable for you. The bride, barely moving and clinging to the groom, evokes only sympathy and a desire to hand her slippers.

Doing unnatural makeup

Funnily enough, brides often do “natural” makeup that looks anything but natural. A thick layer of foundation and powder, a lot of beige on the eyelids, huge false eyelashes and lips outlined with a pencil … Don’t do that. What you need is a light tone and your eyelashes, painted with mascara, you don’t want your face to look like someone else’s? Don’t scare the groom! For those who are ready for something other than natural makeup, we suggest looking for inspiration in this material .

Throw a bouquet understudy

We hope that the accessory shops will not hide a grudge against us, but who came up with the understudy bouquet? What for? Throw the main bouquet to your friends! Advice for those who do not want to give their bouquet to anyone – let the florist make two identical ones, you will rush second. And leave a strange-colored synthetic fabric understudy in the past, it has nothing to do with a modern wedding.

Buy the groom a gray suit with a spark

Such an outfit is very for an amateur and does not suit almost anyone (although there are lucky ones). Take a low-key gray suit, just matte, not shiny.

Give guests bonbonnieres with sweets

Those sellers of accessories who stayed with us after criticizing the bouquet of the understudy will now definitely turn their backs – we suggest not handing paper candy boxes to anyone else. When girlfriends get married one after the other and have to attend several weddings every year, similar bonbonnieres at every event are perplexing. There are so many gift ideas out there that it is weird to keep giving these boxes. If you still want to make sweet presents, hand out small bags with all your favorite sweets “Alenka”, “Belochka” and others – this is cute and will cause nostalgia.

Order cupcakes

There were already a lot of them, but the cupcakes themselves did not really take root in our country. Better serve a stunning cake or eclairs.

Steal the bride

This is our favorite – in the middle of the wedding, the bride disappears, and then she is sad for a long time in a corner (more often in the toilet), waiting for her to be found. Usually the guests do not even notice the long absence of the heroine until the host announced this. The meaning of the tradition has long been lost, we would advise you to abandon it. And the bride, happily running out of the toilet after waiting for an hour, looks strange. Alternative: Show a mini movie about your couple or a slideshow with your favorite photos.

Arrange ransom

Modern wedding and redemption are not related concepts. Most of our readers dislike ransom and do not see the point in it, considering this event as a way to expose the groom in an unfavorable light. We know that many mothers and grandmothers insist on it, but is this your holiday? Better replace the ransom for an additional half hour of the photo session with the groom.

Involve guests in vulgar contests

In truth, it is a matter of choosing a professional and adequate facilitator. The one you need will declare himself that he is not happy with this kind of activity. Be sure to talk over the question of indecent contests with him so as not to get an unnecessary surprise right at the holiday.

Set up a photo booth

Arrange an unusual photo zone against a beautiful background, but the photo booths are expensive and everyone has become boring.

Your modern wedding

At the beginning of the article, it was not in vain that we emphasized that what was said in it was the subjective opinion of the editorial board. Perhaps you want to arrange something of the above and are outraged by the desire to write this item out of date. Do not listen to us and do as you want, because this is your holiday!