where is the billion dollars you took to buy the gun? Governor Vik interrogates Bukhari

where is the billion dollars you took to buy the gun? Governor Vik interrogates Bukhari

Rivers State Governor Niesom Wyck has summoned President Muhammad Bukhari due to growing instability in the country.

The governor has asked the government of President Muhammad Bukhari to account for the billion dollars withdrawn from the Excess Crude Account to buy weapons to combat insecurity.

Wyck was interviewed by the Newsnight television channel, in which he recommended that the president hold officials accountable for his actions.

As a reminder, on December 15, 2017, the National Economic Council agreed to use $ 1 billion from Nigeria’s surplus crude oil account.

Vic was one of the governors who questioned the decision in a meeting chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, attended by 36 state governors.

And after four years, the wave of instability has worsened tremendously, and many Nigerians are wondering about buying equipment.

“I remember there was a time when $ 1 billion was withdrawn from surplus crude oil for security purposes. “Where is the equipment we bought,” Vic asked.

“If I released this money as the chief of security, knowing what Nigeria is, I would make sure that these weapons and the right ones were purchased.”

Vic also criticized Army Chief of Staff Leith’s reaction. General Ibrahim Attahiru for purchasing weapons during his speech before the Special Commission on Arms and Ammunition of the House of Representatives.

COAS declined to speak further on the matter, insisting that he had barely established himself in office and certainly not the man talking about the weapons and ammunition his predecessors bought.

Wyck added: “While watching TV, I was surprised when the House of Representatives asked the Army Chief of Staff to buy weapons, and he said, ‘Look, you know the right people to ask.’

“You have to take the lead. Even if they were at the helm of the security service, the burden was on you, you can still call them back. ”

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