Which Are The Study Abroad Scholarships In South Korea?

scholarships to study abroad in south korea

Who wouldn’t want to travel to a country where food is everything? In fact, Koreans greet someone with “Have you eaten rice?” instead of “How are you” because rice is so ingrained in their culture. Studying in South Korea will be a lot of fun for you as you get to know their new and unique culture while adapting to their rapidly advancing technology. If you are looking for higher education options in South Korea, be sure to get financial aid to fund your studies. On that note, we have a list of study abroad scholarships in South Korea for you to apply for.

According to The Korea Times, about 1,23,858 international students come to study in South Korea every year. Take a look at this chart below to see what the global mix is ​​in Korea.

scholarships to study abroad in south korea

Source: Korea Times

While a large number of international students in South Korea are from China, countries such as Vietnam and Mongolia are slowly increasing their numbers. Moreover, a growing number of students in Japan, the US and Russia have realized the educational potential of Korea. Just imagine, this is 2017 data, when access to scholarships to study abroad in South Korea was not even that popular! Now with good access to financial aid for international students, South Korean universities have witnessed a diverse environment of students from all walks of life.

Scholarships to Study Abroad in South Korea

scholarships to study abroad in south korea

Korea Global Scholarship

The purpose of the Global Korea Scholarship is to provide international students with the opportunity to continue their studies in undergraduate and graduate programs in higher education institutions in South Korea, in order to promote international exchange in education and mutual friendship between countries. According to this, the transfer of scholarships abroad in South Korea between universities is not allowed.

Who is eligible?

Global Korea Scholarships are study abroad scholarships in Korea that you can only apply for if you have met the following criteria:

  • Both the applicant and his/her parents must be citizens of their country of origin.
  • Applicants must not have Korean citizenship
  • Applicants must be of sufficient health, both mental and physical, to be in a foreign country for a long time.
  • Must be under 25 years old at the date of entry for UG students and under 40 years old at the date of entry for PG students
  • Have completed or are expected to have completed all formal education courses in elementary, middle and high school by the date of arrival. (undergraduate)
  • Have a grade point average (GPA) above 80% from the last school you attended
  • Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree on the date of arrival. (Graduate)
  • Applicants who have previously achieved any undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree program in Korea cannot apply for that program.


If you apply for the Global Korea Scholarship, you will receive a number of privileges. With these scholarships to study abroad in South Korea, you get the following benefits:

Airfare, relocation allowance, living allowance, health insurance, language courses, full tuition fees, language courses, completion allowance and more.

Yonsei International Scholarship

Yonsei University is a popular South Korean university with a huge international population. Yonsei International Scholarship programs are a great scholarship opportunity for international students. In 2020, more than 5,000 international students completed their course at Yonsei University, of which about 500 students were able to receive scholarships to study in South Korea. The Institute offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to both Indian and international students.

List of scholarships offered by Yonsei University for international students:

  1. Need, merit and entry based scholarship offered by Yonsei University at Underwood International College (UIC).
  2. Graduate scholarships, such as the Graduate Leader Fellowship, cover tuition fees for four semesters for master’s and doctoral degrees and six semesters for joint degrees.


This is a merit based scholarship and you are only eligible to apply for a scholarship to study abroad in South Korea if you get 3.4 on the 4.0 scale to renew this scholarship. Outstanding International Student Scholarship: This is offered to students recommended by each department who score a minimum of 3.4 on the 4.0 scale. However, a scholar is selected only once a semester.

Benefits: The benefit of the scholarship goes beyond covering tuition fees. You will be provided with living expenses, a monthly stipend and a relocation allowance.

scholarships to study abroad in south korea

Korean Government Scholarship Program

The Korean Government Scholarship Program provides scholarships to study in South Korea to non-Korean students and overseas Korean students to continue their undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate studies. This program was initiated to promote international exchange in the field of education, as well as mutual friendship between the participating countries.

The eligibility criteria for these South Korea Study Abroad Scholarships are the same as for the Global Korea Scholarships. However, keep in mind that your application will only be valid if:

  • You apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program either through an embassy or through Kookmin University.
  • You choose 3 desired universities from 65 universities (including Kookmin University)
  • You can only choose 1 desired university (Kookmin University) out of 65 universities.
  • Institutions accepting applications :116 overseas Korean embassies or 65 designated Korean universities
  • If you submit your applications to more than one of the aforementioned institutions, you will be immediately disqualified.

Common FAQs that students ask:

How much does it cost to study in South Korea?

Local and international students pay the same amount. This was a scheme adopted by the Korean government to ensure that all students are treated fairly (and therefore attract a huge foreign population). Overall, it costs an average of $4,350 per semester for public universities, $5,800 for private universities, and $6,500 for top universities in Korea.

Is it worth studying in Korea?

If you are interested in learning Korean, then yes! Studying in Korea is definitely worth it! What’s more, with the financial support you receive, you benefit in two ways: a) you get access to high quality education, Korean language programs and job opportunities b) you also get the opportunity to fund your expenses that you incur during your course of study. your lessons.

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