why Sheikh Gumi stopped negotiating with the bandits in Kaduna – an assistant opens

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a popular Islamic cleric, has postponed talks with any gang in Kaduna state because of the state government’s prohibition of such actions, the clergy’s assistant said.

Gumi’s media assistant Malam Salisu Hassan told Sahara Reporters in an interview Thursday that the cleric had put his plans on hold because the state government was not interested in negotiations.

“No, it’s not that the sheikh is busy. The problem is that since the government is not interested in making peace with these people, the sheikh simply tried to find another way so that he could achieve his goals. The government of Kaduna state has stated that it is not interested in negotiations, ”Hasan said.

Bandits continued to attack Kaduna State, especially in the context of the latest attack on a private university, Greenfield University in Kasarami, near the Kaduna-Abuja road in the Chikun local government area.

It was confirmed that university employee Paul Ude Okafor was killed by gunmen and several students were kidnapped.

On Saturday alone, the parents of the remaining 29 students abducted by the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, Kaduna State, reported that gunmen had threatened to kill male students and marry their female colleagues.

About 39 students were kidnapped from college dorms on March 11, 2020, but 10 of them – seven boys and three girls – were released last week after their parents suspected a ransom.

The kidnappers demanded a $ 500 million ransom from the Kaduna state government, but Governor Nasir El Rufai promised that his administration would not negotiate with the bandits.

El-Rufai insisted that the government would not negotiate with the bandits, and also criminalized all forms of negotiation on behalf of the government.

Recently, the governor allegedly stated that the only way to end banditry in Nigeria is “for the military to kill them all.”

El-Rufai said that the military should storm the forests where the bandits are and bomb the whole place, thereby destroying them.

On Wednesday in Abuja, he spoke in a dialogue entitled “Funding Safe Schools: Building Safe Learning Communities.”

El-Rufai also said that all northern governors agreed that the bandits should be eliminated.

He said: “Our position as governors, and in this we are unanimous, because we, the governors of the northern states, met with the president on this issue, our unanimous position is to destroy the bandits.

“We must go to these forests; no one living in this forest is innocent and kills them all. This is the only way to end this. “

The governor also said that the military needs modern weapons to effectively destroy the bandits.

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