Win N1000 by playing Flap Cat Challenge game developed by Openxus (enter here !!)

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Win N1000 by playing Flap Cat Challenge game developed by Openxus (enter here !!)

Openxus game. (Cat-folding)

Flap hood

Flap Cat is an openxus scratch 2 game project for children and other users, developed by the development team.

Flap Cat will be used in the next Openxus Game Challenge.


It’s about beating the established score.

Participants have a chance to win N1000 if they manage to score more than twenty (20) points in the Flap Cat game.

Flap Cat Challenge is open to everyone as long as they have a smartphone to play on.

Following are the steps and conditions required to play Flap Cat game;

Step 1: The player must have access to a smartphone to play Flap Cat.

Step 2: Start recording your phone screen or download a screen recorder app and launch it to record your game, for testing or screenshot.

Step 3: Click the link above to go to the Flap Cat game page.

Step 4: Once on the page, scroll down to half of the screen until you see the Flap Cat game.

Step 5: Click on the green flag in the left corner of the Flap Cat game to start playing.


How to play Flap Cat.

Set 1: cat movement

Tap the phone screen in the play area to make the cat jump and dodge any obstacles in your path.

Set 2: Playground

The player is not allowed to touch the left, right and top edges of the playing area, as this will end the playing session.

However, the player can land on the ground known as “ASFELTRO”. NOTE: ASFELTRO moves the player to the far right and also creates some obstacles that can end the game session.

Set 3: Paddle:

Paddles are green stripes that randomly move from right to left of the play area. The player can land on the paddle as support to dodge obstacles.

Set 4: Lightning

The player’s score is determined by the number of dodged lightning. if a player comes into contact with the lightning, he can also end the game session.

Set 5: Obstacle Crab

The crab obstacle moves along the asphalt from right to left so that the player does not feel comfortable on the asphalt.

Set 6: Bat Obstacle The Bat Obstacle appears after the player scores 5 points. An obstacle bat randomly slides into the play area. As soon as the player touches the stick obstacle, the player’s score is reduced by -1.

How to claim your price if you beat the result!

Send your recorded game score or screenshot to the following address: – Whatsapp: – 234-906797829 or @openxus on all social media descriptors.

Please note that is the only site that is allowed to play flap cat.