Woman breaks eggs on the beach, curses Emma for taking advantage of her (Pix, Video)

Woman breaks eggs on the beach, curses Emma for taking advantage of her (Pix, Video)

A Nigerian woman was spotted in a viral video on the beach, breaking eggs and putting a curse on her cousin who accused him of “taking advantage of her and also taking something from her body”.

The lady who identified her cousin as Emma accused him of lying about not seeing each other for the past 17 years, and also reneging on his promise to give her money after a trip to an unknown location. where he would take something from his body.

The woman identified simply as Joy also revealed that only she knows what she saw in the secret place where she was taken. She accused her cousin of taking advantage of her and added that no indigenous cleric or doctor can break the curse since she has summoned the spirit of water.

She said;

“Emma doesn’t buy the wey market and no go fit pay either. Emma see your name on my hand or. This is your name. You see my name. These two eggs on my hand, I despair them. The battle line has just been drawn.

“While I take this egg missing, if I lie against you, you scatter my life. But if I don’t lie against you while I take this egg missing, so your life is dispersed. And no native doctor fits to solve your problem. No prophet goes to help you. Wherever you go, they will tell you to tell what worries your cousin.

“Emma you say you haven’t seen me in the last 17 years you say that I lie, you say that a person pays me and makes you cheat. Emma you cannot know peace for your life. I curse you with this pain that you put me through … “

The visibly angry woman has also placed a curse on those who support her cousin online and insult her.

Watch the video below:

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