Woman burns her stepdaughter with a hot knife in Abuja (graphic photos)

Woman burns her stepdaughter with a hot knife in Abuja (graphic photos)

According to IgbereTV, the woman was accused of bodily harm to her little stepdaughter and other forms of physical and mental abuse.

The victim is identified as Husna Habib, a 4th grade student at the Sheikh Abubakar Gummi Academy Islamic School located in Asokoro, Abuja.

According to a video posted today by Hausa Blogger, Northern Hisbiscus, a young woman arrived at school on Tuesday morning, December 8, with burns to her face and arm.

Northern Hibiscuss’s Facebook post is as follows:

“Reprinted by @n Northern_hibiscuss #justiceforhusnahabib.
The girl in front of your screen is a 4th grade student of Sheikh Abubakar gummi kadun.
Today she came with these burn wounds and was invited to the headlight.
The stepmother burned her with a hot knife.
Obviously, his mother and father are no longer together because of his mother that coma katsina.
They contacted Wai Bi’s father Sang Anyi Ba.
My calling is to rule over the shiga maganar.
From today on, Husna will not go home to his evil stepmother and is silent, she will do more in that guide.
If maman husnah ko yan uwan ​​maman husnah sees this, please bring your daughter.
Scroll to watch the video.
Anty ummi @ aishaummi.garba view this please
#justiceforhusnahabib “

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