Wyck Bans IPOB, Stanley Mgbere Wanted, $ 50 Million Bounty

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Weik Bans IPOB, Stanley Mgbere Wanted, $ 50 Million Bounty


My dear kind people of Rivers State,

2. The Rivers State Government is deeply concerned about the endless destructive activities of the Forbidden Indigenous Organization of Biafra (IPOB) in Rivers State.

3. Recall that IPOB was classified as a terrorist organization by the Federal High Court and subsequently banned in September 2017 by the federal government.

4. However, despite the ban, the group continued to operate in parts of the country, including Rivers State, in support of its alien political goals.

5. Since its ban, the group has periodically held processions in parts of Rivers State, especially in Oyigbo and some notorious suburbs in the Port Harcourt local government areas.

6. In most cases, these illegal marches become a regular occasion for armed IPOB members to disturb the peace in the state, arbitrarily resorting to violence and destruction of lives and property.

7. The Rivers State government pleaded, warned, and even advised IPOB and its members to end the insurgency in Rivers State, but to no avail.

8. Instead, we all witnessed yet another orgy of violence and destruction by the IPOB in the Oyigbo Local Government and parts of the Port Harcourt Municipal District on Tuesday, October 21, 2020.

9. These wicked, impious and audacious actions have resulted in the unnecessary loss of dozens of lives, including soldiers and police officers, and the destruction of both public and private property, including police stations, court buildings and commercial premises.

10. Without doing so, they also witnessed physical violence against members of some targeted communities, which, due to the rapid intervention of the state government and security forces, could cause some form of intestinal carnage in the state.

11. Today, IPOB continued its diabolical and destructive activities in Rumukvurushi, Iriba and Oyigbo, openly defying the state government’s curfew on the movement of people.

12. Intelligence and security surveillance revealed that IPOB continued to expand its membership campaign by holding regular meetings and expanding its logistics base, including the maintenance of illegal detention cells in Emenike and other parts of Diobu. , Port Harcourt.

13. Indeed, Oyigbo City has become the de facto main base of operations for the group in Rivers State, making them known for their deliberate acts of violence and terror against innocent nations, businesses and citizens.

14. As a people, we have been deeply alarmed by the terrorist attacks and have experienced the continuing irritation, violence, destruction and provocation of IPOBs inside and against the people of Rivers State.

15. We agree that Rivers State is part of Nigeria and has always been home to all Nigerians and will remain so because that is our true character.

16. But it should also be understood that Rivers State belongs to the indigenous people of Rivers State.

17. As a bystander with a strange political ideology, IPOB has neither the legal nor the moral right to invade Rivers State or any part of it at will; disturb public order; and expose life and property to violence or threat of destruction in any form.

18. It is clear from this behavior that our love, accommodation and hospitality towards everyone is mistaken for the weakness of the prohibited IPOB.

19. Then it’s time for us to issue a warning that: enough, enough !!! We can no longer tolerate this evil IPOB monster in Rivers State. Never.

20. As a government, we have a responsibility to our people and all residents to protect their lives, property and well-being, and to prevent troublemakers of any color or nature from disturbing our collective peace, security and the pursuit of well-being. happiness.

21. Therefore, in view of the fact that IPOB has since been banned throughout Nigeria; is an

22. Having come to the firm conclusion that the activities of the banned IPOB are not only dangerous to life and property, but also a clear and real threat to the vital interests and aspirations of Rivers State and our entire people;

23. We have decided to strengthen, implement and enforce the current IPOB injunction and national injunction by placing full and complete seizure of its presence and / or activities in Rivers State or any part of it.

24. Consequently, as of October 23, 2020, the Rivers State Government:

[ ] (ii) Prohibited IPOBs existing and / or operating in or in any part of Rivers State pursuant to a Prohibition Order by the Federal High Court and the Federal Government.

(ii) Any form of parade and / or campaigning by IPOB or its affiliates in Rivers State or any part of it is prohibited from now on.

(iii) Security Agencies are hereby urged to cease any form of parade or campaigning by IPOB in or any part of Rivers State and to arrest and prosecute any person or group who identifies with IPOB’s membership or activities in the State;

(iv) the government will issue an order to strengthen and ensure the effective implementation of these measures;

(v) On Monday, October 26, 2020, I will meet with all youth group and community development leaders in the state to take comprehensive action to end and end all IPOB activities in Rivers State;

(vi) Mr. Stanley Mgbere of Onne is wanted by the main members of the banned IPOB for recent violence and destruction of lives and property in Onne, Eleme Local Government District; is an

(vii) A ransom of 50,000,000 AD. will be paid to any person with useful information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the aforementioned Mr. Stanley Mgber.

25. I want to urge the residents of the Oyigbo local government area to remain calm and not take the laws into their own hands, despite the intense provocations, since the government is able to take up the challenge and ensure the safety of life and real estate in the local government area.

26. We will shortly conduct an on-site inspection and damage assessment and take appropriate measures to reduce losses and damage to life and property.

27. We hereby extend our condolences to the families of all those who have lost loved ones or suffered property damage as a result of the ravages of IPOB in our state.

28. Rest assured, they did not die in vain, and we will do everything in our power to pay tribute to all the sacrifices.

29. We call on the leaders of the various ethnic groups living in the state to respect the sensitivity of our people and refrain from provocations and hooliganism that could disrupt the peace and security of the state.

30. Finally, I want to reassure all Nigerians that Rivers State will continue to be home to all tribes as we will not shy away from our responsibility to bring peace, security and happiness to all Rivers State residents.

31. We cannot allow IPOB disbelievers and other such deluded groups to threaten our collective peace, security and well-being in any way.

32. Thank you and God continue to bless Rivers State.