Yahaya Bello to the governors of the south: Bukhari reorganized Nigeria

Yahaya Bello to the governors of the south: Bukhari reorganized Nigeria

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello on Friday warned his colleagues in southern Nigeria not to fight President Major General Muhammadu Bukhari (retired) and blame him for the country’s problems.

The governor, who spoke during a program on Politics Today, which is controlled by The PUNCH, said the president had restructured the country, providing, among other things, judicial, legislative and local autonomy.

PUNCH previously reported that about 17 southern governors met Tuesday in Asaba, Delta state, and agreed to ban open-air grazing and cattle walking in the region. The governors have called for a restructuring of the country in line with fiscal federalism, devolution of powers and the state police. They also called on the President to appeal to the people and convene a national dialogue to address the issue of riots among various groups in the region.

But speaking on the TV show, Bello urged governors to be careful with their statements so as not to stir up politics.

He said, “Let me warn every one of us, leaders around the world, including governors and all leaders across Nigeria, to be careful with the words we use. When we, as leaders and politicians, talk about the security, unity and national cohesion of Nigeria, we should be wary of the words we use when addressing these various pressing issues.

“When we talk about restructuring or various requests or resolutions put forward by my southern colleagues, they are quite appropriate and have a right to their opinion, and I respect that in that sense, but when it is titled or when it seems that you are fighting President Muhammad Bukhari , our father and our president, we are all wrong because we have achieved where we are now because of the mismanagement of successive administrations. “

Continuing, the governor said, “There have been collective setbacks across the board, so let’s not just blame the federal government or just the president.

“When we talk about restructuring, Mr. President believes in restructuring, I believe in restructuring, we all believe in restructuring, but when we talk about restructuring, from what point of view and from what point of view? In what context?

“I will describe my context for the restructuring primarily based on what the president has done to ensure the autonomy of signing Order No. 10 to local governments, legislators and the judiciary. This is a renovation. How many of us practice all of these things in our states? Who among us has given local governments full autonomy? The President signed it. “

Bello urged governors to initiate the changes they want to see in their states, granting judicial and local autonomy in their domains.

He said, “At different levels, whatever we ask for, let’s make sure to practice it at home. If we ask for zoning, let’s make sure we start zoning from the house, if we ask for fairness, let’s take care of the fairness in the house. If we’re asking for equity, let’s make sure the home has equity. If we ask for good governance, we start good governance at home. ”

The governor, who hinted that his ambition to run for president in the 2023 election, also beat southern governors for banning outdoor grazing without providing pasture ranches, adding that the insecurity caused by the shepherd farmer crisis was political.

Rising crime among shepherds has forced about 20 states in the country to ban outdoor grazing. Some farmers in southern Nigeria have been killed, raped and kidnapped by criminal elements disguised as shepherds. Since then, many farmers have fled their farms, fearing unknown attacks by criminal shepherds who invade farmland, blatantly destroying millions of naira investments as their livestock feeds on the harvest and swallows up the farmers’ months of work.

Bello, whose state has not banned outdoor grazing, stressed that shepherds should be allowed to live with other Nigerians.

“I didn’t forbid outdoor grazing in Kogi State because there is no breeding here,” the governor said, although he agreed that outdoor grazing was “archaic and outdated.”

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