You have to consider the estimated 15 trillion production, ”PDP tells APC leaders.

You have to consider the estimated 15 trillion production, ”PDP tells APC leaders.

Yesterday, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) informed the presidency and the All-Progressive Congress (APC) that they were to investigate, in particular, into an alleged $ 15 trillion robbery.

The party also said the alleged “manipulation of the Bukhari administration and the importation of terrorists and bandits for the 2019 general elections, who are now rampaging, killing innocent Nigerians, especially in the northern parts of our country.” was another “crime too serious to be ignored by the Nigerian people.”

In a statement by National Advertising Secretary for Cola Ologbondiyan, the NDP accused APC executives of distracting attention from alleged mismanagement.

The opposition party said it is aware that “the APC attack is a desperate diversionary tactic as new revelations continue to emerge about how its leaders and some presidential officials have plundered our national treasure.”

The PDP also argued that “the plans of the current AKN leadership to blackmail and ridicule President Bukhari by making false statements of official conduct, such as those contained in a press release from its Trusteeship Committee on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, which was drafted to sweep away the president, highlight his failures and divert attention from the atrocities of the Union of Right Forces. “

He said that “such false stories will not help the APCs, as our party has details of their nefarious leaders, including the governors, ministers, some presidential aides, as well as armored personnel carriers in government agencies, and he will not hesitate to do so. the public at the right time. “

The party said the ruling political group “was confused by pressure from the NDP and other well-meaning Nigerians who asked President Bukhari to prosecute the AKN leaders and presidential officials involved in the alleged 9.6 theft. NN trillion ($ 25 billion) in oil revenues, as stated in the leaked NNPC memo. “

The statement went on to say that “APC executives have sleepless nights because the trawl will soon reach everyone involved in the theft of N1.1 trillion crude oil. Using 18 unregistered vessels; the looting of more than 2 trillion N2 trillion under an unclear oil subsidy regime, including criminal under-taxation for unnamed West African countries, and illegal gasoline taxes that correspond to trillions of naira. “

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