You will find yourself in direct “paradise” if the kidnappers and bandits kill you.

You will find yourself in direct “paradise” if the kidnappers and bandits kill you.

An Islamic cleric and deputy head of the Imam of the National Mosque in Abuja, Professor Ibrahim Makari, said Islam does not allow Muslims to pay ransoms to enemies with whom they are at war.

According to Dateline, Professor Makari made comments on the Ramadan tafsir this year in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

He said that it was in the context of this rule that kidnappers should not be paid in ransom to deprive them of funds that they could use to increase their arsenal and support their evil campaign.

“Since Allah (swt) has forbidden the payment of money to an enemy who is at war with you in order to prevent him from continuing to fight with you, therefore it is haram (forbidden) to contribute money as a ransom for the release of kidnapped people,” he said.

Quoting a hadith (prophetic tradition), Mr. Makari told the story of a man who approached the Prophet Muhammad and asked him what to do if someone tried to steal his money from him, and the Prophet told him to resist this person.

Then this man asked the Prophet, “what if this man is fighting with me, and the Prophet told him to react.”

“What if I kill him,” he asked, and the Prophet said, “Go to hellfire.” He asked again, “What if he kills me?” and the prophet said, “you enter paradise.”

In the hadith, the deputy head of the imam emphasized, it is stated that the ransom of the kidnappers is unacceptable.

He also explained that the Islamic Code of Crime Deterrence stipulates that material demands made by criminals as conditions must be ignored, regardless of the chaos the criminals threaten to wreak if the demands are not met.

Failure to comply with the kidnappers’ demands will inevitably turn them into losers, who will waste their money feeding the prisoner, waste their bullets killing them, and waste their time, he said.

“But he (the perpetrator) was told that the money would never be paid, and whoever was killed (the victim) would go to heaven,” he said.

Makari said that applying the provisions of Islam can effectively solve the kidnapping problems that currently affect society.

“But as long as people continue to pay the ransom to secure the release of their loved ones, recipients of the money will continue to use it to acquire more weapons that they will use to commit their atrocities and promote it as a business,” he advised.

Another consequence of obeying the kidnappers’ demands, he stressed, is that the vice will grow and it will be difficult for security personnel to deal with it.

“So the best way to stop him is to know that the criminal, if he kidnaps someone, can tear his body apart,” but he won’t get what he wants.

Therefore, he advised Muslims to be killed by their kidnappers – this is a safe way to heaven.

Source: – Sahara Reporter.

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