Young Nigerian businesswoman declared N5.3 billion wanted for investor fraud (photos)

Young Nigerian businesswoman declared N5.3 billion wanted for investor fraud (photos)

According to documents registered by the company, Onyia registered MECO Enterprises in September 2018 and managed the company before his disappearance.

The Nigerian businesswoman, Munachim Onyia, was declared wanted by Interpol after she duped investors by $ 5.3 billion.

It is learned that Onyia registered MECO Enterprises in September 2018 with which she used to fool unsuspecting investors.

Peoples Gazette also reported that Onyia ran IBC Africa, an investment firm, and the namesake Muna Investment, a Ponzi scheme through which it allegedly defrauded investors.

The Lagos Division of the Federal High Court has issued an arrest warrant for Onyia, claiming that she is wanted for obtaining money under a false pretext and pretending to be a staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

A notice issued by the Interpol section of the Nigerian police force in Lagos states: “She is wanted by the police for the crime of obtaining money under a false pretext, the suspect falsely claimed to be a CBN agent and obtained over a billion Naira (N1B). “

The State Police Command also arrested Silas Babatunde, a marketing executive who was with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) at the time of the fraud.

According to Peoples Gazette, the police are investigating whether Babatunde carried out the fraud on his own or if it was with the knowledge and approval of his superiors in the bank.

A further report revealed that Babatunde was arrested by officers from the Zone 2 command headquarters in Lagos.

It was revealed that Babatunde, who was a GTB staff member, refused to disclose why he resigned from the bank and when the decision was made.

Sources who spoke to the platform said Babatunde resigned shortly after the scam was exposed and was arrested by police for his role.

Victims of a meeting in Ikoyi two weeks ago claimed that Onyia deceived them in the amount of $ 5.3 billion.

They also claimed that Onyia was on the run and was looking for ways to evade justice and redress.

It wasn’t clear when Onyia went missing with the funds, but her brother Jordan Onyia took to Twitter on May 2 to declare her missing, adding that she was last seen in her office on Victoria Island.

Jordan in speaking of his disappearance revealed that his phone number was unreachable “and he appears to be with a guy who scammed people and we in exchange for information about his whereabouts, asked us to send him money in order to get an address and help her escape only so that he sends her an address with a dead end ”.

Comment from people online revealed that While Onyia was a student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana in 2015, she tricked the institute’s students into investing in a Ponzi scheme that many were said to have invested in. their tuition in dollars.

Onyia, however, disappeared after a while with investor funds and was absent on social media platforms as well.

Social media commenter on Twitter, Funmi Oyatogun, said:

“It is a coincidence that you have disappeared with over 300 million Naira of people’s money (of which we are aware) and you have been absent for months but on the day we are mourning for missing persons, you are also declared missing? ”

Another user who accused her of fraud wrote “Yooo this girl took 64,000 cedis and she is only 1 person among the 100 that he cheated. Imagine our shock when we saw a video of her introducing herself as a financial expert and wealth advisor 4 years later in Lagos. “

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