Young Nigerians Form New Democratic Party

Posted by on Oct 14, 2020, Under: News

Young Nigerians Form New Democratic Party

Following the #EndSARS protest against police brutality in the country, young Nigerians came together to form a new political party called the Youth Democratic Party of Nigeria.

The new hashtag #YouthDemocraticParty is currently popular on Twitter and is also rapidly gaining traction to show how serious young people are.

Young Nigerians’ tweets indicate that they want to completely rebuild a system that has failed since independence.

Many are of the opinion that the older generation has ruled and failed for too long, and that it is time for the younger generation to take control of the system.

In terms of funding, a Twitter user suggested creating an online fundraiser for young people to make collective donations so they can register a party and support their chosen candidates.

See a few tweets below;

“Good morning young Nigerians. The fight was hard. But I want to assure you once again that the power belongs to the people. This #SWATMUSTENDNOW #EndSWAT movement has NO LEADER, and must remain so! RT AGGRESSIVE if you believe “

“Another revolution is on the way. There will be no public office for older men in 2023 !!! “

“Way to go, people of God, if we do not win the election, it means they falsified the election. we go scattered everywhere. “