Young people burn down two mosques after Hausa stabs a tricycle in Enugu (photo)

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Young people burn down two mosques after Hausa stabs a tricycle in Enugu (photo)

Two mosques burned down on Sunday following a quarrel between two brothers and a keke rider in Enugu.

The incident, according to Punch, took place Sunday on the Nsukka campus, in the Nsukka metropolitan area, in Enugu state.

In addition, the angry young men burned property belonging to the Hausa community.

PUNCH learned that the trouble started on Saturday, when the Hausa men attacked and stabbed a tricycle operator who was transporting a Hausa woman named Aisha with her goods to the army barracks.

It turned out that the woman refused to pay the agreed N750 transport fare to the motorcyclist.

Aisha, who sells fresh tomatoes and other perishable goods, instead of paying the driver for an N750 tricycle, said it was a large amount and offered to pay N500, which sparked an exchange and subsequently attracted public attention. crowd.

It turned out that while people were trying to find a common language, Aisha called her brothers, who in turn dialed their number.

As it became known, after the driver hit the driver on the waist, one of them stabbed him in the chest.

Outraged by the attack on the tricycle, young people in the area rallied and launched what looked like retaliation and allegedly destroyed two mosques and other valuables belonging to the Hausa community in the area.

The two Hausa attackers, Hasan Yakubu and Nurudin Mohammed, were reportedly captured by angry youths who attacked them to settle scores.

Hasan, who spoke to reporters, said that his sister Aisha contacted him by phone, but before he arrived at the scene, one of his brothers, Nurudin, stabbed the driver of a tricycle.

She said, “My sister Aisha contacted me on the phone saying that she had a problem with her tricycle and I had to come. However, before I arrived there, my brother Nurudin was already there.

“In short, he and my other brothers had a falling out with the pilot. Unfortunately, he (Nurudin) stabbed him to death. So when he ran away, the young people laughed at me. “

An eyewitness told our reporter that the crowd blocked entry and exit at the intersection of the People’s Barracks in Nsukka, burning tires and destroying Hausa items. It was immediately stated that the rider on the tricycle was dead.

It was learned that soldiers of the Nigerian Army’s 82nd Division, Enugu, arrived at the scene with more than three Hilux vans and armored personnel carriers and calmed the situation.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka called for calm, saying the injured operator Keke, rumored to be dead, is still alive and is seeking medical attention at his hospital.

The church’s statement, “Nsukka is peaceful, do not incite violence,” was signed by the diocesan secretary / chancellor, Rev. P. Kaetan Iidobi. Father Iidobi said that the bishop, Monsignor Godfrey Onach, had called on all parties involved in the shootout to remain calm but vigilant.

However, attempts to get a reaction from the state police command to the situation were unsuccessful, as Police Commissioner Ahmad Abdurrahman did not answer his calls until his phone rang.

In addition, he did not respond to text messages sent to him while compiling the report.