young people from the north will release a new special service

young people from the north will release a new special service

After a failed attempt to create the failed northern security organization Operation Shege Ka Fasa, the leaders of the Coalition of Northern Youth (CNG) have struck plans to launch another unit known as the Arewa Security Marshals.

They said The decision to create the proposed group follows the rejection of the Code of the North Security Initiative called “Shege Ka Fasa” by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Speaking with LEADERSHIP yesterday Friday, coalition spokesman Suleiman Abdulaziz said: Since registration was refused by CAC, CNG decided to submit a different name, Arewa Security Marshalls, which is awaiting necessary action from CAC.

The CNG, a large lobbying group in the North, said that when it decided to create a regional security group, codenamed “Shege Ka Fasa,” on January 16, 2020, the decision was rejected by those who saw it as useless.

The coalition complained that its leaders’ good intentions did not materialize as northern governors, mainstream and political institutions rejected a proposal to revise, ratify, and possibly accept the Shege Ka Fasa initiative, which it believes will help prevent the current shift in side of victimization. northerners.

The group, however, said it was justified by the recent rise in security threats and Scandinavian victimization.

Abdulaziz said: “The scenario in a country where northern communities are constantly threatened by general and widespread insecurity at home, as well as profiling and harassment where they live as minorities in the southern part of the country is a strong justification for our January 26 initiative. 2020. for the northern regional security facility codenamed “Shege ka Fasa”.

“Last year, the KKE drew the attention of northern leaders to the need for a northern regional security service to provide security in the region and to anticipate and counter the likely consequences of the evolution of clothing like l’Amotekun in the southwest of the country. was pregnant with complications and unintended consequences.

“Unfortunately, the rulers of the north, traditional and political institutions rejected the proposal to accept, revise, ratify and possibly accept the Shege Ka Fasa initiative, which will help prevent the current trend towards victimization of the Nordic countries.

“We went through several legal processes to revitalize the group, including filing with the Corporate Affairs Commission and recognition by the Nigerian Security and Civil Protection Corps, but they were all thwarted.

“We’ve finally gotten a notice from the CAC to recognize the Arewa security marshals we’re studying. We also hired our team of lawyers to explore other options that may not preclude seeking intervention in court.

“Today, the KKE is being confirmed by the way the criminal leader of IPoB, Nnamdi Kanu, is deploying the Southeast defense system on innocent citizens as well as the emerging Amotekun threats in the Southwest.

The CNG spokesman continued, “Unfortunately, the northern establishment, which rejected the Shege ka Fasa initiative, has yet to come up with an alternative framework to complement the current isolated approaches to ruthless killings and general insecurity in the region, which is not. They are inferior to the results obtained.

“Unfortunately, even most northern state governors seem to be desperate to silence any real move to initiate joint action against the security situation in the region, as shown in many cases where state-sponsored non-state actors were unleashed against. Well-intentioned rallies. stakeholders, especially Kaduna. “

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