“Your relationship doesn’t have to be slavery. Stop the cage and watch your partner. ”- Pastor Lori Aydahosa

“Your relationship doesn’t have to be slavery. Stop the cage and watch your partner. ”- Pastor Lori Aydahosa

Pastor Lori Aydahosa advises those who are in relationships and control their partners.

In an article published on social media, Ms Aydahosa said that the more a partner holds back or controls their other half, the more freedom becomes attractive to them.

He stated that one way to lose interest in a partner is to be possessed or in control of their every move.

She wrote;

“The more you keep your partner in a cage and follow him, the more attractive your freedom becomes. When you trust them lovingly, let them go and stop acting like a private detective, they find themselves returning, begging you to lock them in a cage.

As the year draws to a close, you may have found yourself overly obsessed with your relationship. You may find yourself in a place where you will do your best to support your partner so that you don’t travel alone in 2021. This despair could lead you to act in ways that alienate your partner rather than attract them.

One of the best ways to lose interest in your partner is to hold on too tightly; become intrusive and watch your movements.

Your relationship is not meant to be bondage. Do not treat your partner as your property, your ward, or as if you need to control his every action.

If you are obsessed with them (even if it’s only in your head), you may well sabotage what you want to keep, more than anything else.

Learn to trust, relieve pressure and love unconditionally, without a magnifying glass. You don’t need to see everything in their world.

Keeping alive and pursuing interests that you don’t track in detail are what makes your partner more interesting.

Here’s a quick checklist …

Stop checking

Stop spying

Stop following their every move

Stop spying on their social media, phones, laptops, etc.

Stop asking questions

Stop being so needy

Stop being so insecure.

When you give up this self-destructive behavior, you leave room for them to love you and pursue your love, just as they did when you started. “

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