“Your requests are unfounded” – FG Blasts ASUU

Posted by on Oct 29, 2020, Under: News

“Your requests are unfounded” – FG Blasts ASUU

The federal government called the claims of the Academic Staff Universities Union (ASUU) laughable.

The union said it would end the strike only after its decision on university transparency and accountability (UTAS) passes the federal government’s integrity review.

In response to ASUU’s stance, Education Department spokesman Ben Gung said ASUU’s request is laughable because scientists cannot determine how they should be paid by their employers, which is the federal government.

“I don’t know if you know how many groups, organizations and associations are paid from the federal account. So, if everyone is building their own platform, imagine how many payment platforms the government would have to deal with. “

Meanwhile, ASUU has sounded the alarm over what the body described as a deliberate attempt to stifle public education in Nigeria.

Speaking at a Town and Gown meeting at the Africa Hall of Ilorin University in Kwara State, ASUU President Ogunemi said the federal government neglected the faculty because “there were plans to make education out of reach of the poor.”